Mass Effect Trilogy Remaster Pops Up in Portuguese Retail Listing

Mass Effect Trilogy Remaster Pops Up in Portuguese Retail Listing

Richard Walker

It's the rumour that refuses to go away, but seems to be gaining steam, as the mooted Mass Effect Trilogy Remaster has now cropped up on a Portuguese retailer's website. Previous rumours have stated that the upgraded collection could be on track for a big reveal and subsequent release in October.

This is just the latest in a long line of hints that point to a Mass Effect Trilogy Remaster (which would, of course, bundle Mass Effect, Mass Effect 2, and Mass Effect 3 with amped-up visuals and other upgrades), with rumblings tagging the collection for a 2020 release, while an updated artbook pointed to a possible comeback for the last-gen originals.

Now, the listing spotted on by internet sleuth Nibellion offers even more credibility to the possible existence of a remastered Mass Effect Trilogy, potentially coming to Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. Will we be seeing the three game collection surfacing in October? Stay tuned.

  • Don't do this to me. Don't give me hope.
  • Uh oh not this again. No one tell Carmona xD
  • As long as 3 has it's multiplayer fully intact I'm buying this
  • I'm expecting all the games to have the DLC included, but for the multiplayer component of 3 to still have lootboxes you can buy
  • @1 said hawkeye to black widow
  • Come on Deadspace remaster.....please be a thing after this.
  • here's hoping 1 has been updated with the engine from 2&3
  • @3 probably the dumbest thing to ask for in one of the best story driven RPG's ever.
  • @2 [insert eye rolling meme]
  • wouldnt mind the trilogy to be remastered for next gen consoles, even just allowing it to run at pc high specs rather than having to retexture everything
  • @3 I'm with you. I'd buy it anyway but I REALLY liked the multiplayer. I played it often. I like that it was quick, fun and challenging.
  • Just confirm it already, we'll all happilly purchase it :)
  • Is it possible that this isn't actually a remaster but just a 3-in-1 collection?
  • @13: These never released on Xbox One so it would be a port/remaster or whatever they want to call it. It would mean new achievements and a new excuse to play them again at the very least!
  • Smells like Kingdoms of Amalur. Repackaged bullsit. Renegade FemShep all the way!!!
  • Will the be the EA Access exclusive when it joins gamepass?
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