Disintegration is Shutting Down Multiplayer Servers Achievements Will Be Updated

Disintegration is Shutting Down Multiplayer Servers, Achievements Will Be Updated

Matt Lorrigan

Developer V1 Interactive has announced that Disintegration, the FPS-RTS hybrid from Halo co-creator Marcus Lehto, will see its online multiplayer mode removed across all platforms later this year.

This will be rolled out over the next few months, starting with the removal on the in-game store today, and ending with a full shutdown of the servers and removal of the mode on 17th November. The single-player campaign will be unaffected, and publisher Private Division has confirmed that achievements will be updated on Xbox to ensure that they are all attainable in the game's single-player mode.

"From both the development team at V1 Interactive and publishing group at Private Division, we stand by the creative risks taken to launch such a unique, genre-bending game created by this small but talented and passionate team," said a joint statement from V1 Interactive and Private Division.

"While our player base showed interest in the single player campaign, the game unfortunately struggled to build a significant audience necessary for a compelling multiplayer experience. After weighing options, we have collectively made the decision to sunset the multiplayer support."

We enjoyed our time with Disintegration, but the game's multiplayer mode was slightly sparse even at launch, and it seems it didn't get any better from there. While it's always disappointing to see a game's multiplayer removed, it's great news that the team will be making sure that this doesn't negatively impact achievement hunters.

Disintegration is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

  • This should be the case for all games that close their servers regarding achievements or trophies, better still do what a few games have done and put them in a seperate list
  • Sad to see a game lose functionality but this kind of changes made when something is removed is great for gamers and pro consumer! Hats off to them and wish all other developers would follow their lead
  • @1 and @2, Agreed... If only more pubs and devs would do this, that'd be a great thing for the customer. Regarding the game, I played it once in one of those free play weekends... Gotta say, this game was a bit lack luster, and what it was trying to do, or rather trying to be, so many other games did better.
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