Wasteland 3 Patch Tackles Long Load Times and Stability Issues on Xbox One

Wasteland 3 Patch Tackles Long Load Times and Stability Issues on Xbox One

Matt Lorrigan

InXile Entertainment's latest patch for Wasteland 3 tackles some of the many performance issues on Xbox One.

Our own Dan Webb reviewed Wasteland 3 last month, and while he thoroughly enjoyed the game itself, he reported many technical problems with the title, including frequent crashes, corrupted saves, bugs, framerate issues and ridiculously long loading times. The latest patch 1.1.1 aims to improve stability, especially on consoles, with over a dozen changes made to make for a smoother gameplay experience, including fixing a few bugs that could cause performance to plummet. The patch also makes improvements to load times, although inXile has confirmed they are working on a much big load time improvements for a future patch.

This isn't the end to updates for Wasteland 3 though, and inXile is working on a bigger patch still to come. "Our next patch is a big one, and contains hundreds of individual changes including fixes, balance improvements, and load time reduction," the developer confirmed. "Please be aware of our Known Issues list for issues we're aware of and working to resolve. Thanks for your patience, and see you in the wasteland."

If these updates can clear most of the problems that plagued Wasteland 3, then it could become a fantastic game, and one we could truly recommend without any caveats. As it stands, there is still more work to be done.

Wasteland 3 is available now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

  • Stumbled accross a money glitch for this - When in outside bizarre area go to the colour mixing station and make the red pigment, when you speak to the quest giver she'll give you a couple hundred and the text option will be greyed out but can be clicked over and over with her paying you each time. No more running out of ammo ^^
  • only issue I had was quest when freeing ironclad, the battle would not end, had to reload a few times and repeat the battle, other than that game has been a blast
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