Football Manager 2021 Makes an Xbox Return Later This Year

Football Manager 2021 Makes an Xbox Return Later This Year

Matt Lorrigan

Football Manager 2021 is coming to Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S later this year, the first time the series has come to an Xbox console since FM 2008 on the 360.

Following a PC release in November, Sports Interactive and SEGA have confirmed that the game will arrive on Xbox consoles before the end of the year, meaning a December release is most likely. Football Manager 2021 Xbox Edition will be a "specifically tailored version of the game" based on the Touch series, similar to the Nintendo Switch version, and will be fully optimised for use with the Xbox controller.

"Football Manager 2021 is a historic release for us as a studio," said Sports Interactive Director Miles Jacobson. "We’re bringing FM to more platforms than ever before and giving more people the chance to manage their favourite club - whether that’s on their PC, from the comfort of their sofa or on their phone or tablet."

The new game will place a renewed focus on the role of manager, giving players more tools to develop their own manager's personality and prowess. More features, licenses and upgrades will be announced within the coming months.

Football Manager 2021 Xbox Edition arrives on Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One later this year.

  • Finally!
  • I just can’t see it being as in depth and as detailed as the PC version, hopefully I’m wrong but will probs just go with the PC anyway
  • I'll be interested in this. I remember playing way, way back on a my PC (well before gaming PC's were a thing!) watching the little dots, signifying the players, run around the pitch as a fond memory. Obviously, FM2021 isn't out just yet on PC, but the reviews on Steam of FM2020 are very positive with an All Reviews rating of 87%, and more recently 89%. Hopefully this means good things for FM2021. All we have to hope for now is that it comes to the GamesPass too, though that is probably too much to hope for... :)
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