The Rumoured Mass Effect Trilogy Remaster is Reportedly Releasing in 2021

The Rumoured Mass Effect Trilogy Remaster is Reportedly Releasing in 2021

Matt Lorrigan

The Mass Effect Trilogy remaster is one of the worst-kept secrets in gaming right now, and a new report says that it has been delayed internally until 2021.

The latest report on the as-yet-unannounced title from VentureBeat journalist Jeff Grubb states that the remastered trilogy was originally planned to be announced and released in October 2020. However, EA and BioWare have now pushed the release into early 2021 due to a couple of issues. The current global pandemic is one reason for the game's delayed announcement and release, but the primary reason is that the original Mass Effect game "does not live up to the quality of the rest of the package".

The concern within EA and BioWare appears to be that the first Mass Effect game has aged the most in terms of both visuals and gameplay, but will also likely be where most people would begin playing, and would therefore make a poor first impression for new players to the series. The bad first impression may lead to players not moving on to play Mass Effect 2 or Mass Effect 3, with Mass Effect 2 in particular considered to be a high point for the series.

The report also says that Mass Effect 3's multiplayer mode won't be making the cut for the remaster, and that the collection will be known as Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, packing the three Mass Effect titles together with all DLC available.

It's unclear when EA is planning to announce the game, but we're hoping it's sooner rather than later.

  • I didn't know an unannounced, unconfirmed game can have its release date delayed. Classic EA.
  • Called this as soon as rumors of a 2020 release date first started. There's no way they could modernize ME1 that quick. A 2020 release would have been a clear-as-day indication that it was just an up-rez'd port rather than a full-blown remaster. If the plan is to modernize the gameplay itself along with the graphics, I don't even see this being early 2021. I'll go as far as to say fall 2021. Sucks though - was still hoping I was dead wrong. Giving the original trilogy another playthrough this fall would have been awesome. I get that I still could using the PC mods but I would rather wait until I can get a fresh new experience of it directly from BioWare. Here's to hoping they don't screw it up. Casey Hudson is back at the helm so I have faith.
  • well, there's only so much you can do with older games. maybe the term 'remaster' isn't entirely appropriate for video games anyway (don't remasters tend to still contain original glitches/bugs?)...maybe another term would better apply to what studios are actually doing. any suggestions?
  • @#2 : 'There's no way they could modernize ME1 that quick' Given no one knows for how long the remaster has been in the works... How can you say that ? To me, even if the game is ready, it's a smart move to push it back a few months anyway. A remaster of a decade old trilogy (a beloved one for sure but still) won't be able to compet with the release of the SeriesX/S and PS5...
  • @3 People picking up this trilogy who played it back on the 360/PS3 generation will know what they're getting: the same games with a nicer coat of paint and scaled up to look good in 4K. People who will be playing this trilogy for the first time will know these will be games that are 7-13 years old and should know to temper their expectations accordingly.
  • @5 -- and also to lower their expectations regarding the games resolution in ME3 after what was previously built up through the first 2 games.
  • @4: Up until fairly recently, both EA and BioWare were adamant in their statements that there were no plans to remaster the Mass Effect trilogy. By the time they ultimately switched course on that narrative, based on how long it has taken most other developers to legitimately remaster not one, but three old titles, a 2020 release just wasn't very realistic. Do I KNOW this for certain? No, and I never made that claim. In fact, I even stated that I had my fingers crossed that I was wrong.
  • ME1 is better in a lot of ways than ME2, yet I'd say that ME2 is a better game overall. However, I don't think there's a single aspect that ME3 outclasses ME1 in, except for maybe gameplay, and even that is open to debate - as it's a matter of taste more than anything. Sure, ME1 can be improved. But honestly, so can ME2. And as for ME3, there's pretty much nothing you can do to that game that wouldn't improve it. Making ME1 play more like ME2 and ME3 is not modernizing it. It's changing it into a game that plays more like a military cover shooter than an RPG. Still, not saying ME1 should not be improved. I'm just not sure making it into another cover shooter improves it.
  • @8 You are absolutely correct!
  • They will 100% change the first game to handle like the sequels, someone who hasn't played the trilogy before would be put off by the first game and not even see how good the series is.
  • Take the time to even it out if they must. I'd be fine with just improved graphics on 1. Maybe I'm remembering 1 with rose-colored glasses but I played it through multiple times. I'm sad the co-op from 3 won't be making it. That was a surprising blast to play.
  • I can say that with my large backlog of games, I finally got around to playing Mass Effect earlier this wear. After playing it, my thinking was... what the hell is wrong with people and how do they think this game is good? It's super fiddly, extremely convoluted, clunky as hell controls, and all of the locales are exact cut and pastes of each other, with a few crates moved around or color schemes swapped. So many other games do what they do, but better. It's only pro is that it has a great story. I dreaded that I had ME2 and ME3 to play. A few months ago, I sucked it up and decided to play ME2. I ended up loving this one. They completely eliminated all of the things that made the first one so fiddly and convoluted. They made the combat way the hell more smoother and the locales were all different, and it still had a great story. I'm finishing Record of Agarest War now, but will likely start ME3 next, and this time, I'm looking forward to it because of ME2, instead of dreading it because of ME1. I know I'm just one person's opinion, but my experience is a snapshot to show how others might react to playing ME1 first if it were left un-improved. In other words, ME1 definitely needs some work.
  • I meant earlier this year, and not wear. ::sighs::
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