The Falconeer is Like Ace Combat But With Feathers - Xbox Series X Video Preview

The Falconeer is Like Ace Combat, But With Feathers - Xbox Series X Video Preview

Richard Walker

Normally, a flight sim involves an aeroplane or jet fighter, but in The Falconeer, you play as a pilot riding atop a gigantic bird. A falcon, to be specific (clue's in the title). Fundamentally, however, the object of the game isn't actually that far removed from, say, Ace Combat. But instead of steel wings and jet engines, you've got feathers and beaks.

And rather than guided missiles and machine guns, your falcon comes equipped with a lightning cannon that needs to be charged-up by flying into raging electrical storms. Sadly, you can't drop giant eggs on your enemies from above, which is a real shame. You can't have it all, I'm afraid.

Still, The Falconeer certainly has a lot of aerial acrobatics and fast-paced dogfighting (birdfighting?) to enjoy, and you can see a whole 11-minutes of it in our 4K, 60 frames per second video preview (captured on an Xbox Series X, no less) below. The Falconeer launches for Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC on 10th November 2020.

  • Still interested in Falconeer. Maybe the combat will be smoothed out in the final build.
  • I really enjoyed Eagle Flight on my PlayStation 4 Pro with the PlayStation Virtual Reality headset. It's to bad that MICROSOFT's virtual reality headset they showed off a couple years back or so is no longer a thing. Would have given myself more of a reason to purchase the Series X.
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