Beyond Good & Evil 2 is "Progressing Well," According to Ubisoft CEO

Beyond Good & Evil 2 is "Progressing Well," According to Ubisoft CEO

Richard Walker

Despite the departure of creator Michel Ancel earlier this year, Beyond Good & Evil 2 is apparently "progressing well", according to Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot, speaking during the company's latest investor's call, in which delays for Far Cry 6 and Rainbow Six Quarantine were also confirmed.

"The game is progressing well. The world is really fantastic; as you could see, Netflix also decided to take that universe and create a movie with it," Guillemot enthused, in an update [via GameSpot] unfortunately light on detail. "So there's a lot of progress in that team and the game is coming along very well."

Announced this summer, the aforementioned Netflix adaptation of Beyond Good & Evil 2 is in early development, with Detective Pikachu director Rob Letterman attached. A release date for that, much like the game, has yet to be determined. For the game, a potential 2021 release date has been touted, as unlikely as that may seem.

Here's hoping we here more concrete details about Beyond Good & Evil 2, soon - until then, you can read Matt's musings on the game here. Meanwhile, Michel Ancel remains under investigation for alleged toxic behaviour and fostering an unhealthy work environment.

  • Same story, different year. It would be awesome if they could just stay focused on the progression of the game and actually only announce when they plan to release it. This is teetering on Duke Nukem Forever territory. According to the Wikipedia, this game has been in production since 2008. Started in the 360 generation, Xbox One generation, and now the Series X/S generation as possibly releasing. Don't hold your breath.
  • I hope i'm proven wrong but i'm not expecting much from this game based on the story of its development.
  • This is how things are now, games will be delayed forever because as soon as it nears any sort of release someone will cry about having to actually work to get it done then all the pc germs come out of their holes and bad mouth the company.
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