Mass Effect Trilogy Cast Reuniting For N7 Day This Weekend

Mass Effect Trilogy Cast Reuniting For N7 Day This Weekend

Richard Walker

Celebrating all things Mass Effect, N7 Day will be returning for another year again this weekend, albeit with a pretty special event. This year's N7 Day will see many of the original trilogy's cast reuniting for a fan Q&A, as confirmed by the voice of female Commander Shepard, Jennifer Hale.

Hale will be joined on a reunion panel by her male Shepard counterpart Mark Meer, Liara actor Ali Hillis, Courtney Taylor who plays Jack, Kimberly Brooks (Ashley), Raphael Sbarge (Kaidan), Keyth Farley (Thane), Steve Blum (Grunt), Alix Wilton Regan (Traynor), William Salyers (Mordin), and DC Douglas (Legion), alongside writer Patrick Weekes and editor Karin Weekes.

"Maybe a few surprises" are also in store for N7 Day on Saturday 7th November (11am PT, 2pm ET, 7pm GMT, 9pm CEST), which you'd think would be referring to the heavily rumoured 'Mass Effect: Legendary Edition', spotted in numerous retailer listings. Should the rumours prove legitimate, Mass Effect: Legendary Edition could be launching in 2021, according to the most recent rumblings.

Hopefully, N7 Day will finally yield an official Mass Effect: Legendary Edition announcement, featuring remasters of all three original games. With the voice cast reunion, you'd think this would be the time and place to do it.

  • 0 doubts here that this thing finally gets announced on Saturday. The real question is when and what changes will be made.
  • If the remaster isn't announced this time, it never will xD
  • ME3 will be so much better now its got the extended ending. I went back when they released it and it made all the difference.
  • Poor Kaidan, in every one of my playthroughs he died first! Ashley Williams was my love interest in every game, it broke my heart to have to romance someone else! I had to make a new save just for the related achievements, lol - I couldn't bring myself to 'cheat' on Ashley on my Paragon Shephard save, "it's just a game", my wife would say... She's still my all time favourite character in a game, Cortana is a close 2nd though. ;)
  • @1 -- Agreed and I feel that if they're getting the cast back together for N7 day, it would be to officially announce this. They wouldn't bother getting everyone back just to celebrate a regular N7 day. @3 -- the extended ending was still trash lol. They absolutely fumbled what could have been an outstanding ending to the story by a number of different possibilities that were set up throughout ME1 and ME2.
  • I dont care but in happy Mass Effect is getting love still. It was a killer app for me getting a X360, I'm just not long for RPGs these days. Maybe a KOTOR remake or proper remaster.
  • @3/5 - I loved the Extended Cut for the 4th ending option which is the one I always take. I refuse, and I die. Everyone I know dies. But the long game is victory. I do see why people who chose one of the 3 main endings weren't too happy. I absolutely despised the bit they added right before the Citadel where the Normandy comes down and hangs about for about 30 seconds to pick up the love interest/injured squadmate. If it can do that, pack it with 100 soldiers, or 5 tanks or something. I love me some Mass Effect. I play the trilogy about once a year. I'm not sure I have tremendous need for a remaster though as I think it mostly stands up. ME's combat is a little ropey but I always still enjoy it. I would prefer ME3 combat. I also thought ME2 having 20 EXP Levels was less fun than having 60 even if it meant each step was smaller. However, if they said they'd be getting the acting talent back into the booth and recording new lines, I'd really like that.
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