Welcome to our Xbox Achievements 2.0 Rollout Wave 1

Welcome to our Xbox Achievements 2.0 Rollout: Wave 1

Dan Webb

Good evening/ morning, ladies and gentlemen! It is our absolute pleasure to introduce you to step 1 of our biggest update in our 14-year history: Xbox Achievements 2.0, a new beginning for our illustrious website.

Over the coming weeks we’re going to be rolling out multiple different waves of new content, just in time for the new generation of consoles. Yes, we’re going next-gen! Wave 1 of said rollout is today’s visual upgrade and the new sites that you see before you (including the backend preparation for what’s to come). Wave 1, in our eyes, is us laying the foundations and groundwork for our biggest update ever, which you’ll see in wave 2, but before we talk more about waves 2, 3 and beyond. Let us breakdown what you’ll see in wave 1.


Improved Site Speeds, Better Responsiveness

One of the major tasks for us this upcoming generation was to not only improve site speeds across the board, but to make the site more user friendly and responsive, which will impact you guys and gals at home. So, what does that mean: quicker pages loads, mainly, for you, but it does provide the major foundation for our second wave of updates (detailed below). From a back-end perspective though, the new sites does mean some huge things for us. Mainly, there’ll be less maintenance to do to keep the sites running as we’ve tightened the sites up across the board, so much so that they’ll run themselves from here on out. Pretty much. It’s basically like going from a row boat to a boat with an engine. Of course, it needs some steering at times, but what this means is: more time to build on what we’re rolling out in the coming weeks.


New Mobile/Table/Desktop Responsive Design

One of the biggest user requests over the years has to make our sites mobile friendly, which unfortunately was not a simple job. In fact, we had to rip the site down and rebuild it with that in mind, but we’re proud to announce that now that Xbox Achievements is now slick on whatever device you use (okay, we’ve tested most mainstream devices, we have not tested it on a Raspberry Pi, but it should theoretically work). Even better, if you drag the right (or left) hand side of the browser, the site is completely responsive and reacts to how big your browser is. If you make drag the browser to be a quarter of the screen (or thereabouts, for instance) the site effectively changes to the mobile site, meaning you won’t lose any information off the screen. We’ve wanted to do this for years, but we wanted to do it right. Now we believe we have.


New Accessibility Features

One of our other goals in this massive reboot was to make the user experience as good as we possibly could, so there’s a few things that we set about doing when we designed the new sites.

  • - Firstly, there’s the sticky header, which follows you wherever you go, meaning the search function is only a short click away, as is whatever else you need on the site, whether it’s achievement lists, news, guides, the forums, whatever.
  • - Secondly, and perhaps one of our favourite additions is the new light/dark mode. If you prefer your sites with black backgrounds, we’ve got you covered and what’s even better is that you don’t even need a profile (although you should definitely get one) for the site to remember what you prefer.
  • - Thirdly, this one is for those of you who use guides on the site. On the new guide pages we now have a new sticky guide navigation bar on the right-hand side of the screen, allowing you to quickly jump to whatever achievement it is you want to look up. We’re also making guides a priority, so that you have the best guides around before the big releases drop, and we’ve been working on getting this initiative in place for a few weeks/months already.


General Improvements

While a lot of this new update was responsiveness, but delivering a better looking, more functional site, for what I’ll call the “monster” update in wave 2, was also incredibly important, so we also redesigned a load of the pages as well. Let me run through some of the more significant changes super briefly:

  • - We added tags to the news, meaning you’ll soon be able to see all news, on say, release date delays. If that is your thing. This will evolve over the coming years as we tag news pieces.
  • - We also changed the look of the news-pieces to make them more aesthetically pleasing.
  • We added recent related news to the news piece too.
  • - In the coming days before wave 2 as well, we’ll be rolling out the new comments system (we improved them anyway in this initial rollout, but we found an even better way to evolve them literally 2 days ago, so keep an eye out for that).
  • - The new site is built with ads in mind, whereas the old site was so archaic they never really fit and just ended up anywhere. What that means is: less ads and in more complementary places.
  • We have a new media lightbox as well, allowing you to zoom in on screenshots (try the 8K Halo Infinite screens we have on the site) and fully supporting 4K images (as that is the new norm). That lightbox works for videos as well. We’ve also added the ability to scroll through a game’s screens too, as well as make them fullscreen.
  • And more, so much more that we’d be here for days if we went through every slight change, so we’ll move on to the biggie: what comes next…


The Best Is Yet To Come

Okay, so that’s wave 1 in a nutshell, let’s talk about the biggie: wave 2, which is what the whole site upgrade (let’s call it a rewrite!) has been all about: in the coming weeks Xbox Achievements will be tracking achievements. We’ll be delivering in-depth personal stats of your personal Gamerscore journey dating back to the day you setup your Gamertag, to more community based stats and leaderboards. We’ll save the actual details for when we roll that out, but what we can say is that later on today you will be able to use your profile button in the top right corner and queue up your Gamertag via that page, so that when we rollout wave 2, all your stats will be ready for you. And of course, we’re not stopping there, in wave 3 we’ll flesh out a few more of the pages and site features, and again, more details on that in the coming weeks.


Better Dialogue

Before we get back to prepping wave 2 for launch, we wanted to say a few things. Now that this super-secret project that we’ve been working on for years is out in the open, we want to open up a better dialogue with you guys and gals. Be a bit more transparent. We no longer have to remain shrouded in secrecy. So, because of that we wanted to create a few lines of communication, where you guys can access myself and Aleks super easily:

  • First things first, for feedback on the new site, issues, bugs, etc. drop an email to: [email protected] (we like to think that the site is relatively bug free, but we won’t know till you guys and gals get your hands on it properly).
  • And finally, we’re open to suggestions, ideas, universal praise (we kid) or general feedback about what we could do better. We believe that the best way to become better is to listen (and I mean properly listen) to feedback. For instance, we wouldn’t have Road Maps for guides (which now everyone uses) if it wasn’t for a user who suggested them (tarekegypt) a decade or so ago. For that kind of a thing, drop an email to: [email protected].
  • Both of those email addresses go to Aleks (with myself just casually observing). If you want to get hold of me specifically if you have any issues, hit me up on Twitter (@_danwebb) or by email ([email protected]).

    And quickly, before I leave you, there will be a few bugs, inconsistencies that we fix in the next few days that we weren't able to do on the test servers (like HD cover art in the overview page) and so on, so please do bear with us. 
  • The next time you hear from me, in a site capacity, not content-wise, it will be at announce the new tracking system, which, let me tell you, is an absolute delight! Until then, enjoy the rest of your weekend.


  • I was wondering why the old site was being odd, and I refreshed it, and it looks great! Looking forward to it!
  • Great news. Excited to see a refresh to usher in the next generation.
  • Looks amazing!! And great to hear tracking is returning with phase 2! Excellent work all around so far guys, I think this is what we've all been waiting for for ages! I'm sure the community appreciates the work that has gone into this, and it will help the site grow!

  • A question....where can I look at my achievements? Can't seem to find that so far...
  • @NotAnother8ob -As mentioned above, that feature will be rolling out with phase 2 of the update in the coming weeks.

    Looks fantastic, guys!
  • Oh wow. So we won't have to track everything manually now? Awesome. The site looks great.
  • Hmm, so manually marking achievements off is gone now huh? Can it not currently track me then? That won't exist for a few more weeks?
  • I'm sorry to say I miss the old design. I just came on to mark off a few achievements I unlocked to find all this. First off I can't click my name. It appears there should be a menu but it doesn't work. I have pages pinned in Firefox for games I'm working on and now I can't see how to mark my achievements I just unlocked off. Is that no longer a thing here? If so I may not stick around. It's the only reason I've stayed with this site all these years :(
  • @Dirty130 -Ahhh of course, thanks. I always like keeping it up as I got achievements. Gonna have to keep a tab on it until then. Definitely looking forward to it!
  • @atryeu Yeah very much in the same boat. Being able to click on my profile and work through a check list of guides is the sole reason I use the site. If I have to search for each game and then figure out what I have and haven't got it completely kills the usability of the site.
  • Looks fantastic! Excited to see the rest of the features as they arrive.
  • I personally prefer manual check off, that's why I liked this place instead of True Achievements. Well fuck.
  • Didn't expect a redesign of the site but it looks nice!
  • Yeah, I already miss the manual checklists...
  • It looks schmick but i'm not sure if its in a good way, will have to wait & see if it grows on me.
  • nice work everyone!
  • looks nice and all but I want manual checking back :( can't we have it as an option?
  • so have you actually deleted our manually checked achievement lists (did this for more than 10 years) because you think you can compete with trueachievements?
  • wow this is a change, although i saw it coming eventually.
    people actually liked manual checkoffs?
    with the amount of my daily unlocks i never bothered.
  • @powerlesscheese well, I started it before TA existed (I think...) to keep track and it became a habit
  • Awesome!!
  • It looks more 2020 alright... But I'm really hoping many things I can't find right now are gonna be back in the coming weeks :/
  • Honestly I’m glad you guys got rid of downvoting. A lot of people really abused that shit. Other than that...although I’ll miss the old design, I like the new one, too!

    Glad you guys are still trying to improve.
  • I thought, I accidentally clicked on my xbox.com shortcut when I saw the new design :)
    Looks awesome. Great Job.
  • Nice new look. A neat surprise! Congrats and thanks. However please enable edit option in comments and ability to quote others comments. These are basic actions we should have always had.
  • I'm just checking out how things look on the sister site. Very sleek.

    Here's hoping for a new era of success on both XBA and PST.
  • I like the update so far. My only comment is that on the home page I would prefer the news before the new achievements/guides.
  • I like the update, especially in dark mode. Much easier for my crappy eyes to read. Thanks!
  • UnsuRe on feelings.
    Will wait until, all is done.
    I use TA a lot anyway but still always came here for manual checklists (though I think the main reason was the thin line for each achievement. Can see it all on a page almost. TA is so wide for each achievement, you can see like 6 of a list at a time..)

    I’ll echo something from above.
    News needs to be at the top.
    Random list of achievements in some games, and some guides. If they aren’t what someone wants specifically it’s just in the way, but news is news..
  • Huge fan of the redesign guys. Been using the site for many years and this upgrade will keep me around for many more. Very well done
  • It will take some time to get used to the new layout. The thing is, there are now fewer "things" on a page and so it seems harder to know where I should go compared to the past.

    And why is "Guides" at the top still use "Arcade", "Xbox 360" and "Japanese" as categories? Seems so outdated.

    Hope "News" and "Upcoming" at the top can also bring down a list of sublinks for better accessibility?
  • RE Manual Checklists - Well, the reason we went automated was because so many people asked us over the years to do that. That said, we still have all the data, so maybe when things get a bit quieter and depending on demand, we can try and wheel them back out for people. Obviously our main focus will be automated, but if there's enough of a demand we might be able to slot them in somewhere. It's a massive job for us if we were to do it, so it won't be a tomorrow it's done kind of job.
  • removing manual checklist was dumb in my opinion and has killed my enthusiasm for this update.
  • @Imaginary - Well, they're old designations that were carried over from the Xbox 360 era: Xbox 360 refers to 1000/1000 lists / arcade is 200/200 lists; and Japanese are Japanese only games (they weren't region free in that console generation, so can only be played on an NTSC-J machine). As for better accessibility, what do you mean exactly? We're always open to suggestions.
  • Kind pf surprised how many people are complaining about the loss of manual checklists! It seemed like automatic tracking was the #1 feature people had been asking for for a long time.

    Either way great work, look forward to phase 2 and 3 to get the full picture of what 2.0 is :)
  • I guess I'm also here as part of the manual achievements crowd. I will definitely miss that, but other than that the site doesn't look bad, I guess.
  • Just want to throw in my vote in favor of manual checklists. Also I'd like to see 100% clubs back.
  • Oh very cool, RESPONSIVE, finally :) congrats and good job, it looks fantastic
  • The new site looks great, already can tell how much faster it runs, a smalll thing is ads, feels like there way more ads on the site then there was before. Idk if its a thing you all can control or not but i try not to have ad block on my favorite sites.
  • @Webb, thanks for your reply first and foremost. What I mean is, when moving the cursor to "Achievements" & "Guides" at the top, a list of subitems are displayed; can't you do the same for "News" and "Upcoming" as well?

    Speaking of that, perhaps grouping "News" under "upcoming" would be better? You can have upcoming games, upcoming gaming events, upcoming polls, upcoming site challenges, upcoming boosting sessions for example?
  • Fucking diabolical. 10 years for this shit. Stealing a living.
  • I like dark mode, except the grey fonts are too dark.
  • Hey Webb can you do a comparison from when you first launched to now? because this version really looks like at least 50% of the site looks like how it did when you first launched :)
  • Been a member since around 2008, I love it!
  • @Raggle101, you'll see a full list of games you completed when Phase 2 launches. The amount of stats and cool little things involved in your new profiles is pretty awesome.

    For everyone asking about manual checklists, I just want to clarify that if we do bring those back, it would remove your ability to be on leaderboards, have all the advanced stat tracking, etc. It may be cathartic to click those little boxes yourself, but you'll find all the new features and stats and leaderboards and goals and etc etc that we are implementing you wouldn't be able to use. Just food for thought.
  • am i missing something? how do i see my checklist?
  • can only say thanks for the free update, hope the site remains viable for years to come, its one of my daily used sites. really appreciate your investment. peace
  • Looks really great, keep up the amazing work
  • So this is a nice upgrade and it's looong overdue. But I can't help but feel that it was rushed. Altough it was outdated most people here got used to the manual ticking off achievements and among many others I was coming here daily to just that. Right now there is no autoscan nor manual checklist and most of the links don't work either. You should've waited until all is done and launch it one go and do minor updates after that. Right now the site is nothing but news and lists of achievements and to me pretty much pointless. And the longer you wait the more people you'll loose.
  • I like it so far, my only complaint is the main page....that achievements/guide tab being above the News tab. I check this website everyday for news and it's gonna be annoying to scroll down every day just to get to it. I'll probably end up bookmarking the news page itself and use that for my daily click to here.
  • Really like how everything looks, love the dark mode. I'll agree with everyone that news should be first on the front page. I also really liked manually checking things off. It's much easier to see what you still need to unlock if you manually check off an achievement compared to for example TA, where you either have to wait for the achievements to update or force it to update.
  • wait, so we can't manually check off achievements as we unlock them? i come here as a steam user so now i'm completely unable to check off my achievements as i play through games.
  • @flamed - RE ads, we didn't test the ads on the test server, we couldn't unfortunately, so we're live testing them now. So you may see some units that we won't have in the next few hours. It's a long arduous process, but we're getting there!

    @RE news placement - I'll have a chat with Aleks and see what we can do. We're in a position to move stuff about, we were conscious about moving the guides/achievements below the news as that would look like we were prioritising one over the other, which we most definitely are not.

    @wild - What do you mean most of the links don't work?

    @imaginary - oh right, I see what you mean! I mean, yeah, it's absolutely possible. That's more of a wave 3 thing. Wave 1 is rolling out the site, fixing bugs, issues, etc. Wave 2 is to roll out the stats. Wave 3 is to then refine the whole site, take on board feedback, etc. improve the pages. That's when we'll revisit the checklists too, which we estimate to be a considerable amount of coding to incorporate with the new design/stats stuff, but like I said, if the demand is there, we'll definitely take a look at it.
  • @MrsAuditore, as mentioned in the article, checklists are currently not active. We will update when the tracking can begin and how to activate it.

    I understand the frustration of not having your data available, but I do promise the wait will be worth it. The amount of stats and graphs and cool shit you can do with the automatic tracking is so much fun. Your profiles here will be something you play with often.

    @andreeeeeww, we will likely add manual checklists back in a few weeks. We didn't realize how much people enjoyed them, or think about people using them as a surrogate for other platforms. Again, we apologize for the downtime. But again, if you are using them for Xbox purposes, you will not be eligible for leaderboards and advanced stats and stuff because that could obviously be abused.
  • Still getting the forced video ads at the bottom of the screen, but because the website is now "mobile friendly", the ads take up about 1/3 of the webpage. Cool.
  • I like the new website! My only problem is the news section being under the Guide and Achievement section, especially on mobile.
  • Losing manual checking really sucks. It is one thing you guys head over TrueAchievements and why I came here. He just made things a lot more simpler, so now there's very little point.
  • LOVE the new design guys, great job! Looks great in dark mode and works flawlessly, even on my ancient Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini. Well done!

    A couple of suggestions:
    -the comment section should be right below the article and above "Related stories", not vice versa. Contrary to the general notion gamers ARE indeed social beings, and we love to read what our fellow peers have to say.
    - for the "manual checklist" crowd: would a toggle switch under "my account"/"my settings" be doable? To switch between automatic and manual?
    - Didn't check, but are comments editable? I know that that was a feature a lot of people wanted.
  • @OG - We're still working through the ads, bear with us.
    @Miike - The comments will be editable, yes. It's on our to-do list, we're currently just working through a back log of unforeseen issues.
  • Can I really not track my achievements manually anymore? If true, that really sucks. Half of my fun was checking off the achievements I got when I played a new game. If I wanted everything automatically I could just trueachievements.
  • We've talked about it and heard you guys: manual checklists WILL return. However, we have no ETA on when that will happen. It will be some time as we obviously want to get this undertaking finished. We do apologize for the inconvenience.

    We'll keep everyone updated on the progress.
  • RE manual checklists - Okay, so we've just had a chat about this, and based on the feedback we're going to sort out the checklists. This will be part of wave 3, after we've rolled out the automated stats, but users will be able to pick-up where they left off. Users can then choose what system they use (automated or manual), that said, the leaderboards, stats breakdowns and what not will only work with automated systems, as otherwise anyone could just enter what they want.
  • Thank god the system will return! I'm sorry for the negativity. Real happy for you guys with your new layout, and thanks for the lightning quick answers!
  • Thanks for listening to and responding to all the feedback
  • Huge congrats, the site looks amazing, and I love the dark theme's colour set. I was completely surprised when I loaded the page today. I wish you good luck on the coming updates!
  • Yeah please bring back manual checklists or at the very least, an on demand update button. Also, I used this site to add and keep track of games I owned that I hadn’t started yet, and now that entire list is gone :( There’s literally no reason to stay here over TrueAchievements and TrueTriphies anymore.
  • Glad to see manual checklists will be returning at some point, and hopefully won't be broken. I used to love ticking achievements off as it was satisfying, but the bugs that kept breaking them was incredibly frustrating and I gave up.

    As for the site, it currently returns an error if you try to view the leaderboards, I had to reset my password as it wouldn't accept my login details, and the email stating my account has been locked (timestamped about 20 mins ago) said I could "sign in again at 11/09/2020 08:13 PM." (Just less than a month ago). Not a bug but they also want to my junk mail folder.

    Positives: glad to see dark mode and mobile compatibility, though not sure yet how I feel about the redesign or colour scheme. Will have to see if it grows on me.
  • @webb - just to clarify, you will at some point bring back our entire checklist of games (including those with zero checked achievements?) if so, I’m okay. If not.........
  • I dislike using TA, that's why I came here. Hopefully the auto checklist and gamertag sync goes off without a hitch. Fingers crossed. Looks great, though I miss my manual checklists.
  • @MulticronX, part of the new profile system will allow for users to create a list of their games collection as well as a wish list. And yes, the entire manual checklist system will return for you to use however you'd like.
  • I'd also like to implore people to give us some time to roll out all the new features and take some time with everything before freaking out too much. I know change is difficult, I for one dislike it immensely, but I have personally tested everything we are going to roll out and I absolutely love it - and I was a big proponent of the manual checklists with how satisfying it was to manage everything myself. The auto tracking with all the bells and whistles that come with it... it's all really fun.
  • Great job, I'm loving the new look. I'm in the manual checklist camp, I guess it's the modern day equivalent of bubblewrap :) , but will give the automated route a go when it lands. I do want to echo one of the early comments that when is comes to achievement tracking (both per game and across all games) having a single and compact list is a highlight of the original site.
  • Pants party - what I’m specifically asked no is not if the manual checklist feature is coming back to be used however we like, as you say. I’m asking if our data will be restored, including games with zero achievements. I don’t want to go and have to reenter 500 games in my backlog that have zero achievements....
  • Also, in general, I don’t know if I just missed it or what, but you DEFINITELY should have given us advance warning, so we could have taken preventative steps (like documenting our entire game library), or other use cases you didn’t anticipate.
  • So that also goes for the Xbox Achievements mobile app for Android? Trying to open it just causes instant crashes.
  • Looks horrible. All White screen is all wrong!!!
  • See I like the checkmarks for a simple couple of reasons.
    1. I like keeping track of stuff myself, after all remakes sometimes don't get achievements put on them from the prior version, it's nice to look at individual achievements.
    2. If I wanted automated stuff I'd of stuck to True Achievements.
    3. When people start doing automated they also start putting out things like leaderboards and shit which leads to people getting banned for stupid shit that they don't want to be part of, which leads to them not being able to keep track of their achievements properly.
    I got a few games where the achievements were out of order and the last time it happened was in the 360 tomb raider remake game (the 360 in general was notorious for doing exactly that, it use to happen on the X1 even, not sure if it has in a long time or not) and was banned from tracking on TA. All offense intended, but it's really hard not to imagine this site doing the same crap eventually. None of this stuff is a problem until you make it automated.
  • @tincann - I agree the white theme is a bit bright for me. I was able to change over to the dark theme and I like it much better, I'd give instructions, but I'm not sure how exactly I did it, I was just clicking around and saw a blue-gray dot that when I clicked it changed me to dark mode.
  • I was not expecting a whole site update. Looks good so far, keep it up!
  • Hope it's enough to save the site, place was a ghost town for past 2 or 3 years, almost seems anti climatic, but deffo a step in right direction.
  • A dark theme button and mobile optimized page.

  • Looks great and love the Dark Mode!!!
  • OK, so now that the manually checkmarks will be coming back, I have another question.

    How will the automated systems work? Will it be like TA, where you only get a couple scans a day? That's the main reason I liked the manual tracking, I could do it immediately, and remove it from the list as completed.

    But if we only can do it a few times a day, can't say I'd be a fan of that.
  • For example right now I'm playing Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor. With the old system, once I unlocked something I'd just check it, and the guide for it would go away. But atm I can't check or remove anything, so the guides for completed achievements are still there, and they just get in the way.

    So I'm worried this new automated system will be much slower. I preferred the guides here over having to click every single solution over at TA. But at the same time, it's pretty obvious as the Xbox One gen went on, people mostly moved to the PS4, and stopped writing achievement guides almost completely here at XA. Not that's XA fault of course, Sony just has most of the market share.

    For pretty much every game made after 2017 or so, I've had to use trophy guides for them, as there were almost never any guides for them here at XA.
  • Congrats on the news!!! One of the reasons I access use this website every day is to keep track of all my library games (even those I had never started)..Having this new feature (automatic checking) will i still be able to do it or it will only keep track of the achievements I got?
  • @DJ MILIO, we do not have an official mobile app. If you were using some sort of mobile app for the site, it likely is broken because we didn't make it and they didn't know about this update lol.

    @tincann, I could have sworn there was a dark/light mode toggle on the front page but I don't see it at the moment. Head to the forum to switch over to dark mode, it's great! I'll look into why the toggle is gone from the front page.

    @Earthbound_X, unfortunately yes scans will be limited to I think twice a day automatically to start. We will likely be able to increase that, allow requests, and possibly do a donation/subscription perk to get unlimited scans in the future, but we're focused on getting it launched right now and ensuring it works properly with however many users we get on board before we start toying with those options.

    @ViniPhilly, you will be able to make a manual collection of any games you own, as well as a wish list.

    Loving the feedback everyone, keep it coming!
  • Thanks man!! Congrats again!
  • @Pants it's weird with the dark mode switch. It's on the front page on mobile but not on desktop. It's there in the forum like you said though.
  • @The Pants Party

    Alright thanks for the reply, guess I'll probably end up sticking with the manual markings then, depending on what the pros and cons are of both systems.

  • Another doubt.. my previous game colelction will still be avaiable after the waves or I will lose all the games i have added through the years?
  • Although I just only created an account, Ive been using the site for years and I love the new look and layout. Especially the dark mode. I look forward to the new achievement tracking.
  • Wow, glad to see I wasn't in the minority regarding the checklists. I'll be waiting for all the other cool shit to roll out now that that's squared away.
  • Worst thing i ever laid eyes on, you can't do anything on here. It was better the way it was.
  • @JESSEM19987 well if you actually used those eyes to read the post you would have seen that the update isn't complete yet.
  • I'm not sure why everyone is complaining about the manual checklists. I mean it set the site apart from TA for sure. And I loved the 100% clubs (hope those are coming back). But it would be simple enough to have the 100% clubs with an automated system I think.

    Checking stuff manually was a bit cathartic. But I can remember a number of times when the site wouldn't save my checklists correctly and when individual achievements simply would not become checked off no matter what.

    So yeah I see this as an absolute win.
  • Nice
  • why not just make the manual checklists a private feature that only the user can see while using the auto system for public stats? seems eveeybody who enjoyed manual just used it as a tool to keep track of their own achievements rather than use it it to flex on their peers
  • Well done boys, site looks great. I’ve been coming here for pretty much any and all gaming news since 2008, sometimes use it for achievement help if I’m stuck but mainly use it for news.

    I was quite surprised when I opened it yesterday and noticed the change.

    Probably the best thing to come out of 2020 so far.. keep up the great work
  • @CrownlessKing, we will absolutely have 100% clubs.

    @powerlesscheese, we absolutely plan to bring back the manual checklists as a private feature. As I've mentioned multiple times in the comments here, choosing to use them will exclude the user from leaderboards and many of the other features on the site since they could be dishonest with their score and skew all the data. But if all they want to do is manage their own stuff, they'll have that option.
  • Manual Checklist vote.

    Creature of old habits.
  • Yeah definately in the same boat with many others. Manual checking of achievements. I not only use this to track my old Xbox achievements but my Steam achievements too because of the checklist is so comfortable. Also if that is gone then off it goes from my favorites site list.
  • Webb, Pants Party, and everyone else involved... the site looks great! I haven't been on here in a few days, so I don't know on what day it changed... but I clicked on a link I saved to an achievement guide page, and I thought a couple of things might have happened: 1.) I clicked on the wrong link, 2.) xba.com had gone offline, or 3.) something went wrong with my PC!!!

    Once I realized the site had gone through a makeover (and after I gleaned what I needed from the page I went to)... I went to the home page for this site, logged-in (SHOCKINGLY, I was logged out after everything you guys did, LOL), and looked for news about the site update.

    My first comment WAS going to be a complaint, while my eyes were recovering from the blindness of the bright-white new look of the site... but as soon as I read there was a "dark-mode", all was good! :-)

    I understand the update is a work-in-progress, and it's probably necessary to do it in stages, so the core features will work and you guys can keep the site running, while continuing to provide news, while implementing the new features. It's like someone complaining about not being able to use all the features of their house while it's being remodeled. "Hey, I can't park my car in the garage!" "Well, we tore out your old, busted-up driveway, so we could pave a brand new one - BE PATIENT!!"

    Keep up the great work, and if you have a forum specific to bug reports, complaints, suggestions, etc. for the update... please post it in the updates (at least as a weekly update on the work as it goes). Thanks, guys (and gals... if any ladies are working on the update too)!! :-)
  • Appreciate all your hard work!

    Yes, I'm a manual checklist person. Only because I print them out to keep them close at hand to check off. It's something I've been doing since Xbox 360 early days, was using another site until they stopped updating. Then found this site, didn't have the achievement pics with it but still usable.

    I have a binders and folders of my achievement list. Although totally useless if you really think about it. But the paper gives me a quick look at what I need without having to open a webpage to scroll and check. I'll figure out a way to keep printing the lists out.

    Can you tell I'm the type of person that prefers reading paper books as well?
  • Not good.
    On the Xbox side:
    I can't click on my GT/bring up my profile. Nothing happens when I try
    I have nothing to click to activate dark mode (which might be good if it looks anything like the PS side dark mode).
    The site has not auto checked any of my achievements (nor has it carried over what I've already checked off), and since there's no manual check option these sites (XB & PS versions) are essentially useless to me right now.

    I'm using the MS Edge app on an Xbox One. What ever you've done does not seem to gel at all with this browser.
  • I was able to switch to dark mode on the XB side. Had to do it before logging in. No icon after doing so. Now, about this dark mode... You can't have black text on what amounts to a charcoal background. I literally cannot see what I'm typing right now!!!
  • Yeah, if I can’t go to my profile and immediately tell what games I have in progress and which haven’t even started yet, this site is nigh useless to me. Do not care about leaderboards or competitions or any of that. I don’t use that stuff at TA and I won’t here. I just liked the shrinking guides I could more easily digest as I checked off early achievements.
  • Brilliant and Thanks for all the effort you guys and ladies put into this site.
  • Thanks for choosing to release a half-ass update the very week of a next-gen console release and new games coming out. I'm pretty sure you guys would give a game a bad review if a developer had done the same thing in release half an update while making the rest of the game unplayable.
  • Absolutely love the changes and the new look. I'm excited for all the fun new STATS rolling out soon! Most of the people here will get used to it in no time.. change can be difficult like someone mentioned..

    @webb, @pants: Thanks for replying to everyone's concerns/feedback. Appreciate the effort.
  • Do you guys how long until any form of achievement tracking is added back to the site? Or am I a bugged person cause nothing is tracking for me at all.
  • Ah shit. The manual checking option was the only reason to use this site in addition to TA..
    Bye I guess.
  • Yeah just came back to see if the site got unfucked yet. I guess not.
  • Still no tracking on an achievement tracking site almost a month after the “upgrade”? Are you TRYING to finish killing off this site?
  • Wish we had a toggle for classic website colours, all white is lazy and ugly.
  • A month and a half and still no tracking? I’d pay to see the traffic number drop this site must be getting.
  • So is there ever going to be tracking again?
  • The Alexa stats for xboxachievements.com are dismal especially the user engagement metrics. 1.3 daily page views per visitor on average and 80% of visitors leave the site after a single page view.
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