XBA Review: Call of the Sea

XBA Review: Call of the Sea

Richard Walker

Ever dreamed of sailing off to a deserted tropical island in the middle of nowhere? Well, after playing Call of the Sea, you might want to reconsider. At times sunny and idyllic, developer Out of the Blue's island is also a place prone to violent storms, its cliff faces lashed with rain and roiling, salty waves. There's Lovecraftian weirdness and a strange black ooze to contend with, too.

A first-person adventure packed with puzzles, Call of the Sea arrives as a new Xbox Game Pass title, offering mystery and intrigue aplenty, as protagonist Norah seeks out her missing husband, following the trail of an expedition across the game's unnamed island in the South Pacific. It certainly seems very compelling, doesn't it? But is it quite as intriguing as it sounds?

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