Next Dragon Age Gets Another Teaser This Time Featuring Solas

Next Dragon Age Gets Another Teaser, This Time Featuring Solas

Richard Walker

BioWare has served up yet another teaser for its next Dragon Age, and although its as tantalising as ever, we're still no closer to a proper title for the game, or any concrete details. Release date? No chance! Anyway, this latest trailer at least confirms that Solas will be back.

“The world of Dragon Age needs a new hero – someone who can take on the evil forces threatening Thedas,” the trailer blurb reads. “Get a first look at some of the new locations you’ll discover and the factions fighting by your side in the next chapter of Dragon Age.”

While the trailer does indeed offer a glimpse of new locations and factions, they're pretty fleeting. Hopefully, BioWare will be forthcoming with some firmer details in 2021. Check out the latest teaser trailer for the next Dragon Age (let's call it Dragon Age 4) below.

  • Between this & Mass Effect I'm quite excited!
  • I would love an Origins remaster in the intermittent time, that game deserves it just as much as the ME trilogy
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