Social Deception Game 'Project Winter' is Coming to Xbox Game Pass Later This Month

Social Deception Game 'Project Winter' is Coming to Xbox Game Pass Later This Month

Richard Walker

Developer Other Ocean Interactive has announced that Project Winter, its “social deception” game, will be coming to Xbox Game Pass later this month. Offering an experience along similar lines to Among Us, Project Winter will task you with uncovering a traitor in your midst, or with backstabbing your teammates.

Cut off from all external communications and surrounded by a vast expanse of frosty tundra, you'll also need to battle the elements, as paranoia and suspicion runs rampant. Project Winter will also launch with cross-play across Xbox consoles and Windows 10 PCs, so you'll be able to join a community of “over one million survivors” already playing the game on Steam.

The game also features proximity-based voice chat, so your eight-player group will need to stick together (or break off into smaller groups) in order to survive. “Solo players that wander off run the risk of having their desperate cries for help rendered useless when running into trouble,” warns Product Director, Ryan Hale.

Deception, sabotage, and even murder awaits, as a traitor seeks to thwart your efforts at escape, while wild animals like grizzly bears, and other obstacles will require the use of a range of weapons. There will also be crafting, resource gathering, and more, all making for a uniquely “challenging” experience.

Project Winter will be launching for Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Windows 10 PC from 26th January 2021, available to download via Xbox Game Pass.

  • Would prefer Among Us to hurry up and come to console Game Pass.
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