Five Developers Wed Love to See Make a Star Wars Game

Five Developers We'd Love to See Make a Star Wars Game

Matt Lorrigan

Have you heard the news? Very recently, in a business meeting far, far away, it appears that EA’s exclusivity deal for licensed Star Wars games has come to an early end. On top of that, Lucasfilm Games has been re-established, opening the door for even more Star Wars titles in the future. While we’re not exactly doing backflips about it - we actually thought EA knocked it out the park with Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order and Star Wars: Squadrons - it’s exciting to know that a much wider range of studios could now be working on new Star Wars games.

Ubisoft is already on the case, with The Division developer Massive Entertainment working on an open-world game set within the Star Wars canon, but the news has got us thinking about all the studios we’d love to see diving into a universe of hokey religions, blasters, and lightsabers. Take a look at a few of our picks down below!


Remedy Entertainment - The Force Unleashed Reboot

We’ll be honest here, we’d pretty happily just hand a blank cheque to Remedy Entertainment and say “make a Star Wars game” and see what it came up with. We’re sure it would be brilliant, but, blaster to our head, if we had to pick, we’d love to see Remedy working on a new game in The Force Unleashed series.

Remedy’s experience with Control, in which Jesse Faden demonstrates a load of Force-like powers (note to self, is Jesse actually a Jedi?) would translate seamlessly into the over-the-top powers and physics that Force Unleashed and its sequel did so well. I can already see Force-choked stormtroopers flying across the room in Remedy’s Northlight Engine. The Finnish developer also knows how to spin a good yarn, and we have no doubt that it would manage to tell a great Star Wars story in the process. Unleash the Force, already! We're ready for a reboot.


Ghost Town Games - Star Wars Overcooked

Okay, listen, you’ll have to stay with me on this one. What if British indie developer Ghost Town Games made a new Overcooked! game, but it was set in the Mos Eisley Cantina, and had players making and delivering all sorts of space food and drinks to famous Star Wars characters?

Personally, I think it would be brilliant (even if I do say so myself). One moment you’ll be whipping up some of the polystarch portion bread from The Force Awakens, and the next you could be roasting a whole porg to feed to a hungry Wookie, all the while avoiding a fist fight that’s broken out in the bar. It doesn’t even need to be set entirely within the cantina, with chefs forced to try and prepare meals on board an under-fire Millennium Falcon, making penne arrabiata in the Death Star cafeteria, or whipping up blue milk cocktails aboard Jabba’s sail barge, all in Overcooked’s trademark cutesy style. Tasty!


Firaxis Games - Clone Wars Tactical Battles / Empire Building

Here’s the thing, not every Star Wars game has to be some epic, action-packed affair about wielding a lightsaber and doing cool Force stuff. I mean, we don’t exactly want those to stop (see our Force Unleashed reboot hopes above) but we’ve got plenty as it is, so what about handing the license over to a developer like Firaxis Games for something a little more cerebral?

The studio could pull from its experience with the Civilization games to create an evil empire builder, casting you as Palpatine himself building up the First Galactic Empire. Or, equally as enticing, we could have a turn-based tactics game like XCOM, giving you control over a squad of Clone Troopers during the Clone Wars, complete with permadeath, causing you to mourn every lost clone. Either way, we reckon Firaxis would do a tremendous job. Disney, how about you give them a call?


Lucid Games - Podracing

Three simple words, people. Bring. Back. Podracing. Not since the glory days of the N64 have we had a new title focused on Star Wars’ most dangerous and deadly sport. Podracing was the best thing to come out of The Phantom Menace, and it’s been criminally underappreciated in the years since, with barely a mention outside of the recent re-release of the classic 1999 game.

For a game like this, we obviously need a developer that knows its way around a racing game. Codemasters is the obvious choice, but with the developer soon to join EA, that would sort of defeat the point. Slightly Mad Studios makes consistently good racers, but our pick is the Liverpool-based Lucid Games. Founded by former employees at Bizarre Creations, the studio behind Blur, this team knows how to put together a fast-paced racer, and it has experience with sci-fi vehicle combat too in 2018’s Switchblade. We just want a new game that makes us say “now THIS is podracing!” Is that so much to ask? Just make sure there's no Jar Jar. That's a deal breaker.


Rockstar - The Mandalorian

We’re sorry, we know this is the most obvious pick of the bunch, but it’s unavoidable isn’t it? Disney’s recent The Mandalorian series has got us itching for a Star Wars game in the space western genre, and which other developer would you trust more with that than the people behind Red Dead Redemption?

You can picture it now, playing as a Mandalorian bounty hunter in the wild west that is the Outer Rim Territories following the fall of the Empire. While the TV series takes place over multiple planets, the game could stick to just the one, as a vast open world. Or perhaps, if we’re getting really ambitious, players could travel between different planets, with smaller open-world areas to explore on each, once you land. Either way, you just know that Rockstar’s trademark attention to detail would work wonders in bringing the Star Wars world to life. And we’d be excited to play it in *checks watch* ten years… maybe? Rockstar isn't exactly known for its speed.


Well, there’s five game developers we’d love to see get their hands on the Star Wars license now that there’s no exclusivity deal in place. However, we’re sure you’ve got some in mind that we’ve missed here, so make sure to let us know what your dream developer/concept combo is down in the comments!

  • Not a fan of rockstar but I'd really like a star wars tactics games.
  • Star Wars version of Halo Wars would be dope imo
  • Yes, I think Rockstar doing a Mandalorian wild west type game would be great. Instead of instant space travel, we can spend hours on the ship doing nothing while in hyperspace.
  • how about the X-Com people doing their thing with Old Republic characters? or maybe Machine Games(?) (Wolfenstein) could tackle a Republic Commandos reboot?
  • The Remedy/Force Unleashed idea is pretty cool.
    But all I want is a Droidworks sequel
  • Only good one up there is the X-com one but god Rockstar is a awful studio if anyone should do a Mandolorian game it should either be Obsidian Entertainment or Bethesda make it similar to Fallout
  • Creative Assembly should make a turn based or RTS game, seeing that they do/did such a good job with Total War and Halo Wars 2.

    At first I thought I wanted a Bad Batch/Clone Trooper Borderlands style game, seeing that the humour, squad based and different classes would fit, but have all the loot wouldn't work, so I think a Vermintide/Darktide version of that would fit better, going on individual raids/missions would work better than open world. Come on Fatshark!
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