The Medium Comparison - Two Worlds Two Consoles Any Differences Between Xbox Series X and Series S

The Medium Comparison - Two Worlds, Two Consoles, Any Differences Between Xbox Series X and Series S?

Richard Walker

The Medium launches tomorrow, and as the first console exclusive for Xbox Series X|S, we couldn't help but be curious about the possible differences between the Series X and Series S versions of the game.

Both put the speedy SSD to good use, rendering The Medium's material and spirit worlds simultaneously, allowing for instantaneous traversal between the two, but in terms of visual prowess, does the Xbox Series X have a real edge over its Series S counterpart?

We got to work doing our usual comparison thing, putting the protagonist Marianne's material world and spirit world side-by-side separately to determine whether we could spot any differences. The result? Well, you'll just have to see for yourself.

Check out our The Medium comparison here, and give our review a read here.

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