Battlefield 6 'Way Ahead' of Schedule, Will 'Usher In a New Generation For Battlefield Games', Says EA

Battlefield 6 'Way Ahead' of Schedule, Will 'Usher In a New Generation For Battlefield Games', Says EA

Richard Walker

EA has revealed that developer DICE is “way ahead” of schedule in developing the next Battlefield game, with a reveal on course for spring. Apparently, Battlefield 6 is “going to usher in a new generation for Battlefield games and Battlefield fans benefitting from the full power of next-gen platforms,” according to EA CEO Andrew Wilson, speaking during an EA earnings call (via VGC).

“Our next Battlefield experience will mark a return to all out military warfare,” Wilson also stated during the call held on Tuesday. “The game takes full advantage of the power of next generation platforms to bring massive immersive battles to life with more players than ever before.”

Wilson added that Battlefield 6 will feature maps of “unprecedented scale” and “takes all the destruction, player agency, vehicle, and weapon combat that the franchise is known for and elevates it to another level”. He noted that development is “ahead of our internal milestones” with a reveal set for spring ahead of a “holiday 2021” release.

Little is currently known about Battlefield 6 beyond whispers of “never-before-seen scale” and the potential to accommodate up to 128 players on its colossal multiplayer maps. We'll hear something more concrete this spring.

  • When EA claims a new game is “way ahead” of schedule.... I absolutely fear the worst
  • Excited for the next battlefield. I’d like to get the old band back together and get them into a new battlefield game. Hopefully the series X will be on the shelves to buy easily by the time in launches.
  • Way ahead of schedule...? Meanwhile developers around the world are struggling and delaying games by even a full year. Battlefield is dead anyways... DICE are just a fragment of their former glory.
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