The Falconeer is Now On Xbox Game Pass with New The Hunter DLC That Adds Dragons

The Falconeer is Now On Xbox Game Pass with New 'The Hunter' DLC That Adds Dragons

Richard Walker

Today sees two good pieces of news for fans of The Falconeer. The first, is the flight combat title arriving for Xbox Game Pass (although, if you're that big a fan, you probably already bought it); the second is the release of the new ‘The Hunter’ DLC, adding dragons to the game. It's like Panzer Dragoon!

Taking to the skies on the back of a feathered serpent, The Hunter DLC enables you to “unleash fiery vengeance” upon your foes. The content introduces the new ‘Mongres Hunter’ player Class, with a playable Ormir dragon, exclusive pyro pot guided rockets, and additional outfits for your rider avatar.

The Hunter DLC is available now for The Falconeer on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC, priced $1.99/£1.69. You can take a glimpse at the scaly new content in the trailer below, and check out our review of The Falconeer (now on Xbox Game Pass) here.

  • Was this one of the 120FPS games?? I can't recall. If so, I will download and check it out for sure
  • Performance mode in both series x and s run at (up to) 120fps
  • Bought it with my XSX but I'm not really overwhelmed by it. It's impressive for a one man team game and with gamepass the game makes more sense to me.
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