7 Video Game LEGO Sets We Desperately Need to Happen

7 Video Game LEGO Sets We Desperately Need to Happen

Matt Lorrigan and Rich Walker

If there’s two things we love, it’s video games, and LEGO. Yeah, we’ve not exactly picked the most affordable hobbies out there, but there’s a joy to be found in blocks and pixels that is hard to replicate elsewhere. That’s why, when video games and LEGO come together - whether that’s in the Travellers Tales LEGO titles, or in plastic sets based on our favourite games - we find it difficult to resist.

With the recent news that Sonic the Hedgehog is getting its own LEGO set, joining old rival Super Mario, megahit Minecraft and the colourful Overwatch in collaborating with the Danish toy maker, our minds began bubbling with the possibilities of other LEGO crossover sets that could happen. 

However, as much as we’d like to build a LEGO Big Daddy from BioShock or a model of the USG Ishimura from Dead Space, we’ll be keeping in mind that LEGO tries to steer clear of realistic violence and anything blood-soaked or drug-related. There’s a reason why Call of Duty and Halo have been relegated to the inferior Mega Bloks brand. 

So with that soon-forgotten caveat, here are seven video game LEGO sets that we’re desperate to spend way too much money on, build for a few hours, and then agonise over where to display. On the tiny little bit of shelf we have left next to our desk maybe? We’ll make it work.


Tomb Raider - Matt Lorrigan


With the archaeological escapades of Lara Croft taking her to gorgeous locations around the world, it’s easy to envisage a selection of Tomb Raider LEGO sets based on some of her most well-known outings. From the ancient frozen tombs of Siberia in Rise of the Tomb Raider, to the lost city of Atlantis from Tomb Raider Anniversary, and even Lara’s infamous confrontation with a T-Rex in the original games, there is so much potential for some excellent and varied builds. And you just know that Croft Mansion would be the most expensive set, complete with Lara’s faithful butler, and a walk-in freezer to lock him in. Oh god, just take our money.


Mass Effect - Rich Walker


Even the most cursory of searches for Mass Effect LEGO will unearth a plethora of superb fan-made creations, but imagine official minifigures of the Normandy’s entire crew, from dinky Commander Shepard (perhaps with male Shep on one side of the head and FemShep on the other with additional hair piece), little Garrus with his sniper rifle, a Wrex bigfig, and some of the series’ most iconic ships. While the Normandy and the Mako are the obvious choices for LEGO-isation, what about a LEGO Reaper? How about a huge LEGO Citadel? Our mind is going a mile a minute imagining what could be. LEGO has shown it can expertly create Star Wars sets with aplomb, so Mass Effect would be perfect for something similar. And while we’re on the subject of BioWare stuff, now we’re dreaming of Dragon Age LEGO. Dammit.


Portal - Matt Lorrigan


Much like Sonic the Hedgehog before it, Portal has already made its LEGO debut with just a single minifigure and two tiny builds in 2015’s toys-to-life game LEGO Dimensions, and it’s left us wanting more. Much, much more. It doesn’t help that in-game levels gave us a taste of blocky Aperture Science test centers and a glorious LEGO GLaDOS that we’re just itching to build. Come on guys, you’ve already made a tiny little Portal Gun, a minifig Chell, Companion Cube and turret! You can’t just tease us with those, like a sociopathic AI making guarantees of delicious cake that it has no intention of delivering. Just give us one or two full sets, and we’ll stop asking for more. Probably. Maybe. No promises.


Final Fantasy - Rich Walker


While the logistics of an oversized sword for a LEGO minifigure could lead to all sorts of issues, there’s something intriguing about the idea of transforming Final Fantasy into plastic blocks. In my brain, I can picture Midgar’s sprawling Shinra reactor, built out of thousands of bricks, when in reality, maybe Cloud’s motorcycle would be far more realistic and achievable. That’s before considering the damage that a spiky LEGO hair piece could do if one were to step on it. Ouchie. Aside from the exploits of Cloud Strife and his Avalanche posse, the thought of LEGO Final Fantasy IX is certainly enticing, too, and would certainly suit a brick-based treatment. But then, what about a LEGO Bahamut? LEGO Ultimate Weapon? A LEGO Airship (pick your favourite)? The possibilities, much like the Final Fantasy series itself, are endless.


Crash & Spyro - Matt Lorrigan


With blue blur Sonic the Hedgehog and the most famous plumber in the world, Super Mario, both getting in on the LEGO action, it feels like the brick-building market is primed for another platforming mascot to jump in, or maybe even two? We’ll be honest, we’re cheating here a little.  We couldn’t decide between Crash Bandicoot or Spyro the Dragon, so we’re picking both. Activision has the rights to both anyway, and they’ve crossed over in the past in the likes of Skylanders and the recent Crash Team Racing remake, so why not have a crossover set? Have Spyro and Crash teaming up against Neo Cortex and Ripto, with LEGO recreations of the Dragon Realms or N.Sanity Beach. There’s plenty of great, memorable levels in both franchises to dig into, and we’d almost certainly buy them all.


Yakuza - Rich Walker


Since the age of seven, I’ve been a massive SEGA fanboy. Embarrassingly, I was one of those stupid kids who used to draw pictures of Sonic beating up Mario, when console wars were the stuff of pure silliness (although, in fairness, they still are). So, while Sonic LEGO is clearly very exciting, the prospect of converting Kiryu and co. to LEGO is just too much to not consider. And yes, I am aware that this flies in the face of the non-violence thing in the intro to this feature, but I don’t care. I want LEGO Kiryu. I want LEGO Majima. I want LEGO Ichiban Kasuga. I want a massive LEGO Millennium Tower. Hell, if we’re talking SEGA properties being made into LEGO sets, may I also put forward Streets of Rage, Shinobi, and Golden Axe? Or perhaps we should just ask for a LEGO Ferrari Testarossa Spider and pretend it’s an OutRun set.


Dark Souls - Matt Lorrigan


I want a LEGO Firelink Shrine. I want a bricky Anor Londo, I want a blocky Ornstein and Smough, and I want tons of little skeleton minifigures rocking about in LEGO catacombs. I know, I know, Dark Souls is a little bit, well, dark, but LEGO has been doing medieval settings for a long time now, and I reckon they could make Dark Souls work. There’s so many brilliant, iconic settings and boss fights that could make for gorgeous sets. Perhaps you could even piece all the builds together to create a full, seamless 3D Lordran? On the off chance that Dark Souls is a bit too grown up to be recreated in plastic bricks, I’ll take a LEGO Dragon Quest set as back-up. Just so I can have a little blocky slime. Please and thank you.


So there’s our picks for video game-themed LEGO sets we’d like to see, but more importantly, which of your favourite gaming franchises would you like to see recreated in plastic brickery? We’ve already started to think of a few good ones we missed (imagine Banjo-Kazooie’s Spiral Mountain in LEGO form!) so let us know your picks in the comments below.

  • Lego Hitman and Lego Resident Evil :D
  • Lego Monster Hunter
  • Call me old fashioned, but I'd still like to see a LEGO Back to the Future, Bourne or Matrix games. The last two would never happen given the family friendly nature of LEGO games.

    I'd even go for a LEGO Avengers 2 for the last two Infinity Gauntlet movies. Still pissed they never made DLC for the third Hobbit movie.
  • I agree LEGO Back to the Future would be great. I seem to remember they did something like it (LEGO Dimensions?) but perhaps that was Ghostbusters. I like the unique stories they've started to do (e.g. DC Super Villians and Marvel Super Heroes) so I wonder if they could do something similar but for Doctor Who.
  • The LEGO Dimensions back to the future stuff was really good actually, as was all the other cool stuff in the game, the doctor who and portal stuff especially. Would love those to roll out into full sets at some point
  • @#2 - Unfortunately they've put all their eggs in one basket with the Skywalker Saga thing. I really hope it sells well for them given the focus, but, let's face it, Star Wars isn't quite the beloved franchise it used to be. I don't think this gamble is going to work for them, sadly. I just want more LEGO game variety...

    And do you really wanna play through that last Hobbit flick? Really? :D
  • @Jack - At that moment in time, definitely. Now would just be a waste because The Hobbit came out 6 years ago, and Tt Games is notorious for getting the quick bucks and not completing franchises, case in point, Avengers.

    I think Skywalker Saga is going to be my last LEGO game. It’ll be the 26th unique action/adventure title (not including Bionicle, Rock Band or Worlds), and frankly, I think that’s enough for me. Began with Star Wars, end with Star Wars.
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