Dragon Age 4 Has Reportedly Cancelled Previously Planned Multiplayer Features

Dragon Age 4 Has Reportedly Cancelled Previously Planned Multiplayer Features

Matt Lorrigan

EA has allowed BioWare to remove all previously-planned multiplayer features from the next Dragon Age game, according to a report from Bloomberg.

Reports from sources familiar with the development suggest that Dragon Age 4 was being developed with a “heavy multiplayer component” due to EA's desire to continue to monetise their titles after release. However, the success and failures of some of the publisher's recent releases has caused EA to change track. Specifically, the over-performance of single player title Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, and the failure of live-service shooter Anthem, appears to have convinced EA leadership that BioWare is best served creating a single-player RPG.

According to Bloomberg, Dragon Age 4 first entered development in 2015, but was rebooted in 2017 to push for “long-term monetisation”, a factor that apparently led to the departure of BioWare veteran Mike Laidlaw. What these changes mean for development of the game, and whether we'll be waiting even longer to return to the world of Dragon Age in Tevinter, is currently unclear.

  • Good. Multiplayer has become a cancer in all recent EA title with all the grubby microtransactions. Really looking forward to this now. Hopefully this continues into ME4 too.
  • It’s a beautiful thing
  • If it wasn't gonna be on par with ME3 get it outta here
  • I found the inquisition multilayer was ok. Just a bit to repetitive and could've used a bit more to it.
  • Main story focus only way to go looking forward to this
  • I like multilayer but not in dragonage, prefer it if they keep multilayer out of these big single player RPGs.
  • I would let’s hope BioWare does not mess this up but no doubt they or ea will ruin dragon age 4. Knowing ea they add multiplayer to game after its released.
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