Elden Ring March Reveal May Be Delayed Due to Recent Trailer Leak - Report

Elden Ring March Reveal May Be Delayed Due to Recent Trailer Leak - Report

Richard Walker

Traditionally, a leak often causes an official announcement or reveal to be pushed up, but instead, it seems that the recent Elden Ring reveal trailer finding its way online via blurry off-screen footage has reportedly put the brakes on a March announcement that Bandai Namco had previously planned.

That's according to industry insider Jeff Grubb (via Nibellion on Twitter), who states that the rumoured March reveal is unlikely to happen now, potentially due to the recent leak. In response, Bandai Namco is now looking to crack down “hard” on the origin of said leak, which it is apparently in the process of investigating, according to Grubb.

Since its announcement back in June 2019, we've barely seen hide or hair of Elden Ring, which explains the fan fervour for new information on the collaborative FromSoftware and George R.R. Martin (author of Game of Thrones series A Song of Ice and Fire) project. Hopefully, we'll be getting some actual official details and a new trailer for Elden Ring sooner rather than later.

  • Are you fucking serious... Maybe if they did not reveal the game 2 years ago and tell us absolutely nothing since, This leak would not have been such a set back..

    I was hyped for this. But from what i did see from the leak it looked very mediocre at best. Yes it was only 0000.9% of the game.. but it did not look good.

    Fuck the elden team for 2 years of no press and the wanna take action against the fans for something they have no power on... This is going to be another cyberpunk.. Over hyped for years and release as a piece of shit
  • What is the bloody point having a video for it if we have to go to YouTube to watch it. Remove the age restriction crap.
  • Deannybaby it's being hyped by the fans not the developer big difference between this and Cyberpunk
  • In the meantime, let us continue with our daily work and play other gamers. The game will eventually be out, and then we can decide whether it is overhyped and whether to buy it.
  • I dunno, that blurry clip of supposed gameplay immediately reminded me of the recent Assassin's Creed games.

    While not necessarily a criticism, I'm not sure I'd want to see the FROM equivalent of an Ubisoft game.
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