Severed Steel is a Single-Player FPS Coming in Q3 2021

Severed Steel is a Single-Player FPS Coming in Q3 2021

Richard Walker

A single-player first-person shooter, Severed Steel is due to release later this year, telling the story of the eponymous Steel, who loses an arm in an accident and is abandoned by an evil mega-corporation named EdenSys. What follows is Steel's quest for revenge against those who wronged her.

According to developer Greylock Studio, Severed Steel is inspired by the likes of Black, Mirror's Edge, F.E.A.R., and Half-Life mod ‘The Specialists’, and features an emphasis on acrobatic combat, with a fluid stunt system enabling Steel to wallrun, slide, dive, and flip her way through destructible environments.

During her quest for vengeance within the EdenSys Arctic superstructure, Steel is unable to reload weapons due to her “residual limb”, meaning she must find a replacement when her gun runs dry. Stealing a weapon from an enemy's hand is the only way to gain more ammo, except when using her permanent secondary weapon - an arm able to blow holes in “pretty much anything that gets in its way.”

Severed Steel will be coming to Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC in Q3 2021. Check out the first trailer below.

  • Severed Steel...haha I get it.
    This game actually looks fun though. I respect an FPS that tries something different, kinda like what Bulletstorm did.
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