The Falconeer Receives Free Atuns Folly DLC With New Missions and Enemies

The Falconeer Receives Free 'Atun's Folly' DLC With New Missions and Enemies

Richard Walker

The Falconeer has received a new free update, introducing “the pirate life” with ‘Atun’s Folly', a DLC that adds fresh missions to developer Tomas Sala's frenetic open-world air combat game in which you ride gigantic birds.

Taking you to the perilous waters of the Great Ursee, you'll discover the eponymous Pirate settlement, Atun's Folly on the back of a turtle, where you and your falcon steed will be tasked with raiding the Imperium's wealth traders and defeating new enemies.

As you plunder trading vessels, pilfer loot, and attack forts, your pirate infamy will rise, piquing the attention of the elite Legendary Aces pilots, who ride atop mythical creatures like the Phoenix, prehistoric Pteron, or deadly Ormir drake.

You can journey to Atun's Folly now via a free update for The Falconeer on Xbox and PC.

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