Musician Outs Possible Bully Sequel?

Dan Webb

Music composer, Shawn Lee, who penned the score for Rockstar's Bully, in an interview with TGL mentioned that he was to be involved with the soundtrack for the sequel to the popular school yard game.

When asked whether he was interested in scoring musical compositions for any video games in the future, Lee stated, "Yes. It looks like I will be doing the soundtrack for Bully 2 in the not so distant future..."

Bully 2? That's news to us. I'm sure Rockstar will be happy to hear of Mr Lee's openness about their currently unannounced sequel.

[Via Kotaku]

  • "Your Sundays not complete without a bit of Bully" I liked the first Bully and would welcome a second.
  • :O Bully 2 would be sooo awesome!!! Loved bully.. but I still needs to finish it.. haha. Will play it after I finish MW2.
  • That's awesome! Can't wait for a new Bully game, last one was real fun, easy on the achievements too ;) Maybe the first one might drop in price a bit now eh?
  • @ 1 "Will play it after I finish MW2." obviously seen as bully 2 isnt even got a release date.
  • Cool. Now I got a reason to go pick up the first cheap and try it out.
  • @#4 - I think he was talking about Bully 1 =P
  • I adored the first game. Come on Rockstar, make my year!
  • @4: What Webb said. Anyway, good news indeed. Bully was pretty good, so a sequel is more than welcome.
  • yay a sequel, maybe this time it could not freeze so much
  • The first game was amazing. We can only hope the same for the sequel. No glitches this time *crosses fingers*
  • would love to see a bully 2, buty i see myself agreein with #4 webb
  • I really hoped they would make a sequel, loved the first game!
  • Hm, I don't know if we need this one. Don't get me wrong, I liked the first one al lot, but the whole school-setting limits the possibilities for a creative step forward in part two. GTA is an easier case here.
  • A bully sequel built from the ground up for this gen's consoles, sounds good to me!!
  • #4 is a perfect example why you shouldn't Drink and Post... I wonder if this Musician will be punished for his big mouth, or if ROCKstar will just ROLL with it, get it? hahaha /Back to MW2
  • The first Bully might actually be my favorite R* game... maybe tied with Vice City. Either way, ridiculously good news. Maybe this one will have Jimmy in college?
  • lol @15
  • Relevant to my interests.
  • awesome i love that game
  • Think of the possibilities for Multiplayer. 'King of The School', 'Snowball Fights'...
  • When I played bully I went into a school the next day and shot several people. This game is a bad influence and should be banned ;) Anyway... the first one was ace, so looking forward to proper info from R* on this one.
  • Cool. Bully was pretty novel so I'd welcome a new one!
  • me too. id welcome a new bully game.
  • "Bully" is on my list of games I may get to eventually, though the "Over the Rainbow" achievement scares me a bit.
  • i'd love a new bully game, i wonder what theyll add to it
  • Awesome news! I absolutely loved Bully. Can't wait!
  • Good, i was hoping for a Bully sequel someday. Maybe they'll finally set it in England.
  • Bully was a great. How could anyone not like a game that had wedgies, slingshots, stuffing people in lockers, a panty raid, cherry bombs down the toilets, etc. If Bully 2 is being made, I can't wait to play it.
  • I was thinking of playing bully recently! how strange
  • hell yea bully 2!! the 1st was great this one will be better!!! i still have to get it for 360 i only got it for ps2!..
  • OMG! That would be so B.A!!!
  • One of my favourite games so far, I hope if they do a sequel that it doesn't disappoint
  • Fingers,toes and other appendages I'd rather no mention crossed on this one.Bully was just fun from the opening minute to the closing one.Loved every second of it.
  • Awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  • I would prefer this game over GTA V anyday! Make it happen Rockstar.
  • I agree 27, I'd love an English one! But who'd buy that, eh? :P
  • I'd only buy this game if they included a multiplayer option. Otherwise, been there done that. How many more times can this kid go through school? Unless they have the setting in a prison or something... First game was fun and I enjoyed getting 1000/1000 but these tedious missions are a pain in the ass.
  • id play bully 2, first one was a nice time waster if you were bored, as long as they make the controls more smooth, first one felt quite stiff ;)
  • @36 But then it will be compared to Harry Potter lol. The first game was different and fun but yeah those missions got boring and annoying.
  • Maybe Bully on a college campus instead of high school? Not sure what they'd do with it, just a stray thought.
  • As long as its still Jimmy then ill play it, if they make it like GTA where they keep switching them then ill pass
  • @ 21 wtf, you actually shot people? if you did, why arent you in prison?
  • No
  • Comment #42. Seriously. Just stop.
  • Loved the first Bully, addicting was my attention so was the one for 360. Will be getting this if I can get off of MW2
  • Only bad thing about 'Bully' was it's inability to autosave.
  • Let's just hope they don't shoehorn in some multiplayer like they did with GTA IV, what a mess.
  • i hate bully
  • awesome! bully is like a "T" rated grand theft auto. cant wail
  • about time..I was hoping rockstar wouldn't be dumb enough to let this series go
  • The only downfall with bully was the fact that 360 version was a very poor port (N)
  • NICE!
  • "I'm sure Rockstar will be happy to hear of Mr Lee's openness about their currently unannounced sequel." lmao this line is hilarious! but you got my hopes up when I saw "bully 2"
  • 51 i agree with you i hate the buly schoolarship edition ugh so bad but i love the first game and i think ill buy a ps2 once again just for that game ill be waiting for the scond bully and i know it will be good and i think it will use the RAGE engine (Rockstar Advanced Game Engine )like gta 4 or red dead redemption
  • It Would Be Pretty KICK ASS
  • bully 2 would be epic, id buy it straight away!
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