WWE 2K is Getting a "Special Announcement" at WrestleMania This Weekend

WWE 2K is Getting a "Special Announcement" at WrestleMania This Weekend

Matt Lorrigan

2K has revealed that the WWE 2K franchise will be getting a "special announcement" during WrestleMania 37 this weekend.

While we don't know the specifics as yet, it's highly likely to be the reveal of WWE 2K22, the next game in the video game wrestling franchise. Expectations will be high, given that 2K broke the franchise's annual release schedule and cancelled WWE 2K21 following the poor critical and commercial reception of WWE 2K20.

With the development team taking an extra year to make the game, and taking inspiration from fan-favourite titles such as No Mercy and Here Comes the Pain, we're hoping for a return to form from WWE 2K22. It will have competition, too, with former WWE 2K developer Yukes working with rival wrestling brand AEW to create a new wrestling game.

WrestleMania runs from Saturday 10th April until Sunday 11th April, so keep your eyes peeled for more WWE 2K news then.

  • Almost every few years they say "next year's game is going to be modeled after No Mercy/Here comes the Pain" but yet it's the same damn engine and controls. I did think 2k13 controls wasn't bad as some years. And if they just release a game that used AKI engine with an updated roster and nothing behind paywalls. It would outsell the last few years combined.
  • When have they ever said it was gonna be modeled after those games, other than this one?
  • https://www.wrestlingnewsworld.com/wwe/wwe-12-creative-director-discusses-wwf-no-mercy-comparisons Trying to "explain" why WWE '12 is not No Mercy. It's a cycle that's almost every 5 years. They say it, a decent game comes out that's still no where near No Mercy, and then the games get worse again.
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