BioShock 4 Open World Rumours Heat Up Following New Job Postings

BioShock 4 Open World Rumours Heat Up Following New Job Postings

Matt Lorrigan

The upcoming BioShock game from developer Cloud Chamber looks set to be open world, if new job postings are anything to go by.

This latest bit of information comes from the Senior Writer job role, and appears to corroborate the information found in previous job postings about an open world with RPG systems.

“Cloud Chamber is looking for a Senior Writer to join our talented Narrative team to bring the world of BioShock to life once again. Under the supervision of the Lead Writer, and collaborating closely with the Narrative and Design teams, our Senior Writer will craft memorable narrative arcs, write dialogue, and breathe life into our characters.”

“Experience in writing for games, with a particular aptitude for managing the nuances of interactive storytelling, would be ideal for this role. We’re hoping to find someone who can weave impactful, character-driven stories in an open world setting.”

It's that final “open world setting” that appears to confirm the news. Previously posted job roles also spoke about dialogue systems, an “emergent sandbox world” and an “urban crowd system”. All of these separate bits of information begin to paint a picture of BioShock 4, although with so many roles still in the hiring process, a lot could change from now until the final release.

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  • Not sure about the need for an open world. Part of what made the first two games so special was their linear nature; there was only one way to progress, and that was to make your way along the prescribed path. Indeed, Bioshock 3 lost some of this charm by being more open that its predecessors, and whilst still a good game, it didn't have the charm or urgency of the first two games. I'll probably still get Bioshock as a day one release, but I shall be keeping a close eye on it to see whether it is in keeping with the ethos of earlier Bioshocks'...
  • The open world setting is one of the most over-used, tired, and diluted settings ever. And it rarely makes for a good game. In many cases, you end up with a large, empty, lifeless world with fuck all to do, except cut and paste fetch quests, collect-a-thons, and bitch work.

    Much like what @nutsack said, what made the first two games great was their linear nature. But what also made them immersive and great atmospherically was the claustrophobic, isolated world of a little, barely known city, buried in the depths of the ocean called, Rapture. It is these dynamics that made you feel truly alone and on your own.

    I don't understand why developers always think they need to go open world.
  • I know it will be an unpopular opinion, but I don't know why we need another Bioshock game. The originals were perfect and self contained. The creators have moved on to other things. Anything more just seems like cashing in on the name by a company that had no hands on experience with the originals.
  • @Quid Squid, I agree... They don't really need another Bioshock game. Even though the third was a fun playthrough, I even think even the third one wasn't truly needed.
  • a fourth Bioshock game could basically write itself at this point. that being said, i still have trouble trying to imagine what an open-world Bioshock looks and plays like. maybe 'Rapture' will be on Mars this time...
  • The first two Bioshocks were great with with quiet political overtones. The third one however was a sledgehammer with its politics and was not as good.
  • @Mshat18 - While I agree that Infinite wasn't quite as good as its predecessors I wouldn't put that down to the politics.

    The idea that Bioshock 1 & 2 had 'quiet political overtones' is quite funny when the whole concept of Rapture and the events that had befallen it when you arrive are overtly political. It's the fallout of a class war that overthrew a city designed to cater to the elite.

    It has a sign that says "No Gods or Kings. Only Man" in the opening. That and the whole idea of Andrew Ryan's Rapture is basically an Ayn Rand feverdream.

    They're all in-your-face with their politics from the off.
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