Resident Evil Village Gameplay - Werewolves Vampires and Unrelenting Terror

Resident Evil Village Gameplay - Werewolves, Vampires, and Unrelenting Terror

Richard Walker

In just a few weeks, we'll  once again get to inhabit the role of Ethan Winters, the unlucky sod who already managed to survive one horrific ordeal in Resident Evil VII. Returning for another bout of relentless terror in Resident Evil Village, Winters will embark upon a search for his kidnapped daughter, Rose, contending with all manner of horrors.

From the eponymous snowy village to the opulent confines of Dimitrescu Castle, you'll be hounded by lycans, gnawed on by vampires, imprisoned by maniacs, hunted, bludgeoned, sliced, mutilated, and dragged around, with nary a minute of relaxation. And that's just in the first hour or so. Resident Evil Village promises to be intense, then, and we've got a bunch of new gameplay to prove it.

You can give our written preview of the Resident Evil Village a read here (based on a hefty 68 minutes of raw gameplay), and watch a snippet of action taken from the game below. Opening within the village outskirts, there are abandoned houses to explore, strange folks to meet, and a menagerie of evil oddballs to contend with once you make it to the castle.

Expect encounters with plump and jolly merchant The Duke, nefarious madman Heisenberg, and of course, the eight-foot tall bloodsucking Lady Dimitrescu, as well as a legion of lycans, winged beasts, and other supernatural nasties. Oh, and Chris Redfield is also mixed up in it all, too.

Resident Evil Village launches on 7th May.

  • I played the 30 minute 'Village' demo yesterday and was more than impressed. Looking forward to the 'Castle' demo on the 25th.
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