Forza Horizon 4's Latest Update is Causing the Game to Stop Working on Xbox Series X|S [Updated: Fix Out Now]

Forza Horizon 4's Latest Update is Causing the Game to Stop Working on Xbox Series X|S [Updated: Fix Out Now]

Richard Walker

Update: Playground Games has now issued a fix for the issue causing Forza Horizon 4 to cease functioning as it should on Xbox Series X|S. The update went live on Friday afternoon (UK time), and means the game should now be safe to boot up and play.

“An update has gone live for Forza Horizon 4 that fixes the Series 35 crash issue on the Xbox Series X/S,” the latest tweet from Forza Support reads. “Thank you for all the reports and being patient while we got this sorted. We appreciate it!"

Original Story

It's advised that Forza Horizon 4 players not download the latest update for the game on Xbox Series X|S, as it's introduced a major bug that causes the game to crash and cease to function. The Xbox Series X Reddit page offers a stern warning to “not update Forza Horizon 4”, as the new patch “breaks the game”.

“There is a new update round about 7 GB. It breaks the game,” the post (via VGC) reads. “The game won’t start any more on Series consoles. Not just me, the whole Forza subreddit has the problem. My whole Xbox black-screened and shut off when I first tried to open it.” Other users report experiencing the very same issue, and developer Playground Games is currently working on a fix.

"We’re aware of a crash impacting Series X and Series S players in the latest Forza Horizon 4 update,” Playground commented. “We’re working on a fix and will update when we have an ETA.” Meanwhile, a workaround for the bug has been reported, but it doesn't sound like much of one, as it could erase your progress. So, don't do that.

“The current workaround is to take your console offline, launch the game, then re-enable online via the Xbox Series X|S dashboard," it states. "DO NOT attempt these steps if you’ve already deleted your local save. This will cause you to lose your progress and start the game from scratch.”

Hopefully, Playground Games should have a permanent fix for Forza Horizon 4 on Xbox Series X|S soon, but until then, we'd advise against even attempting to play the game, lest you inadvertently lose progress.

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