Capcom Profits Hit New High Following Resident Evil 3 and Strong Catalogue Sales

Capcom Profits Hit New High Following Resident Evil 3 and Strong Catalogue Sales

Matt Lorrigan

Japanese video game giant Capcom has reported record profits for the fourth year in a row, driven by the launch of Monster Hunter Rise on Nintendo Switch and strong catalogue sales elsewhere, as part of its latest financial results.

Capcom reports that its operating income increased by over 50%, with net sales up 16.8% from the previous year. The record results have been attributed to the strong sales of big new releases, such as Resident Evil 3, which sold nearly four million unis, and Monster Hunter Rise. Devil May Cry 5: Special Edition also performed well following its release on next-gen systems such as Xbox Series X|S and PS5.

Not only that, but catalogue sales of its older titles, such as Monster Hunter World: Iceborne and Resident Evil 2, continued strong, with a large part of this year's good results attributed to these games' long product lives.

These results don't include Resident Evil Village, which released after the end of the financial year on 31st March 2021, so we wouldn't be surprised to see Capcom's profits increase yet again next year. It seems Capcom thinks so too, forecasting 100,000 million yen in net sales for the fiscal year ending 31st March 2022, an increase of 5,000 million yen from this year. 

  • Capcom has been nailing it recently. Loved Monster Hunter World/Iceborne and have been hooked on Rise since it launched. Just picked up Village and am looking forward to many titles on the leaked release schedule such as Monster Hunter 6 and Dragon's Dogma 2. If the quality remains consistent and the microtransactions minimal and mostly cosmetic, I'll be pretty happy.
  • I liked RE3. Cant wait for Code Veronica
  • @Blade Runner - Are they working on a Code Veronica remake? I thought most of the umours were that they were working on a Resi4 Remake.
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