SnowRunner is Coming to Xbox Game Pass Today, Year 2 Pass Confirmed

SnowRunner is Coming to Xbox Game Pass Today, Year 2 Pass Confirmed

Richard Walker

All-terrain traversal sim SnowRunner, sequel to 2017's tyre-spinning ‘Spintires’ game MudRunner, is set to come to Xbox Game Pass later today. In SnowRunner, you can get behind the wheel of various off-road vehicles, striving to overcome tricky terrain on a mission to deliver precious cargo of some description.

You can expect to contend with slippery surfaces, deep mud, snowy mountains, and rocky trails during your incredibly slow and steady journeys across SnowRunner's treacherous open world, in which progress of any kind is a hard-fought thing. Since its release in April, SnowRunner has also been well-supported, with the game currently on Season Four.

SnowRunner is heading to Xbox Game Pass for both consoles and PC today, with developer Saber Interactive confirming that a Year 2 Pass will be serving up another 12 months of content, including new regions, missions, trucks, and more. You can check out our SnowRunner review here.

  • Gonna give this a go
  • The Year 2 pass is already available to buy. They didn’t waste any time selling something that won’t even start for a couple of months.

    Great game though, and I hope Game Pass will get many more people playing, but it’s just a shame that achievements weren’t even an afterthought for the extra content, and I doubt that will change for year 2. It makes going past the base game less compelling for veterans.
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