EA Play Live Kicks Off Next Month, Austin Creed to Host

EA Play Live Kicks Off Next Month, Austin Creed to Host

Matt Lorrigan

EA has revealed the further details for its upcoming digital presentation, EA Play Live, including kick-off times and hosts.

The pre-show for EA Play Live will begin at 10:00 PT / 18:00 BST on 22nd July 2021, and will be followed by the main showcase not long after. On hosting duties this year will be Austin Creed, aka WWE superstar Xavier Woods, who is a lifelong gamer and even runs his own gaming YouTube channel, UpUpDownDown.

EA was absent at this year's E3, as per usual, but the publishing giant also didn't run its usual pre-E3 conference this year, so next month's EA Play Live will likely where we'll be getting the biggest updates on upcoming EA games.

What can we expect from EA Play Live then? While there will likely be the usual smattering of new information on EA's annual sports franchises, like Madden and FIFA, there's also a juicy report that a new Dead Space game is due to be revealed, which we're very much on board with. As always, we'll have all the news here when EA Play Live kicks off on 22nd July 2021.

  • I'm really torn on what I'd like to see first between a brand new Dead Space and a remastered trilogy. Ideally, I'd like to see both, but there is no doubting that the reason we didn't see a continuation of the series anyway was because of Dead Space 3 (and likely the inclusion of the completely unnecessary co-op), and so I worry about the direction they would take a fourth game now.

    I've literally just finished the Mass Effect Legendary edition, and it was handled superbly, and so I would totally be on board with a remastered collection of Dead Space. In fact, the very last game I played on my Xbox One, was Dead Space, and the very first game I played on my Series X was Dead Space 2. They both hold up extremely well, truth be told, and so a remaster maybe somewhat unnecessary, but if they can be made better still, I'd totally be up for that.

    Really looking forward to the 22nd of July now, just hope that EA don't disappoint me even further (now that I won't be getting Battlefield 2 because there is no single player campaign)...
  • @Nutsack DS1 really is the best in my opinion; DS2 is still pretty good but that claustrophobic atmosphere and feeling of lack of firepower (which are needed to create suspense and horror) are beginning to decline. DS3, like you said, really should not have co-op, not to mention that all those bright open areas just make the game no longer scary anymore.

    But I am even more concerned about how they are going to continue the story after the DS3 DLC, if they really are going to make a brand new game to continue the series.
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