Dead Space Revival Rumours Swirl as Official YouTube Channel is Updated For First Time in Years

Dead Space Revival Rumours Swirl as Official YouTube Channel is Updated For First Time in Years

Matt Lorrigan

Rumours of a new Dead Space game appear to be growing, as EA has updated the official Dead Space YouTube channel for the first time in years.

It's only a small change, but it is a significant one, with the official channel art changing from the official Dead Space 3 logo, to more generic-looking key art of Isaac Clarke in his Advanced Suit RIG from the Dead Space 2 cover art. The change was pointed out by Twitter user Sierral07, and the timing is certainly… interesting.

That's because rumours of a new Dead Space game being in the works popped up just last week, with GamesBeat journalist Jeff Grubb reporting that EA Motive, developer of Star Wars Squadrons, is working on an established IP that fans will be happy with, making certain hints towards Dead Space in the process. The rumour has since been corroborated by Gematsu and Eurogamer, with Gematsu stating that the game is due to be a “reimagining” rather than a sequel to Dead Space 3.

Grubb reported that the new EA Motive title is due to be revealed at the upcoming EA Play Live, which kicks off on 22nd July, so we don't have too long to wait to see if these rumours are true or not. We really hope they are, and you can read why we think EA should bring back Dead Space here.

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  • We shall see. As much as I'd like to survive another encounter with the Necromorphs, Dead Space was really a product of Visceral Games' amazing production values. Not sure if another studio could do it the same way. Dead Space 3 was hampered by publisher interference, with shoehorned co-op and repetitive environments. Had Visceral been left alone, it might have done well enough for us to have already seen a sequel.
  • @Steakslave, yeah, publisher influence didn't do the series any favors, especially when they tried to bring in the multiplayer spectrum, and microtransactions. It's always a head shaker when publishers think what they want is what the customer wants, as most often, they are wrong.

    For me, I'm a bit leery about the "re-imagining" part to describe the next Dead Space. As you said, we shall see.
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