The Falconeer Edge of the World DLC Adds Three New Campaigns Next Month

The Falconeer 'Edge of the World' DLC Adds Three New Campaigns Next Month

Matt Lorrigan

Publisher Wired Productions and developer Tomas Sala have revealed new details and screenshots for The Falconeer's upcoming expansion, Edge of the World, ahead of its launch in August.

Edge of the World is the largest expansion to the feathery flight combat game yet, adding in three all-new campaigns for fans to play through. These three additional mini-campaigns include nine new missions to take on, as well as brand new exotic locations to explore in the world of the Ursee. On top of that, the DLC also adds two new playable classes to take control of, each with unique mounts, as well as the new Imperial Shocklance weapon to test out on your foes.

The Falconeer is also getting a limited edition release of the game's soundtrack on Vinyl, featuring the OST composed by Benedict Nichols, with a release coming soon. If you're interested, you can register that interest on the Wired Productions shop here.

“The music of the Falconeer is such a huge part of the experience, a masterwork by Benedict Nichols as unusual and fantastic a mix as one can imagine, I’m so looking forward to hearing this on Vinyl,” said developer Tomas Sala.

The Falconeer: Edge of the World DLC launches on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC on 5th August 2021.

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