Deathloop To Be a Timed PS5 Exclusive Until 'At Least' September 2022

Deathloop To Be a Timed PS5 Exclusive Until 'At Least' September 2022

Richard Walker

Announced back in 2019, Deathloop is set to arrive as a timed console exclusive for PlayStation 5 this September, and now we have a pretty concrete idea of when it'll finally be making the jump to Xbox.

At the end of a new State of Play 9-minute gameplay video showcased last night, there's a message stating that Deathloop won't be available “on other consoles until at least 09/14/2022”, which is 14th September 2022.

It's an odd situation, with developer Arkane Lyon now under the Xbox Game Studios umbrella since Microsoft's acquisition of Bethesda, but a deal already being place for Deathloop's timed exclusivity on PS5 means that essentially, Xbox will be publishing a PlayStation game. Nonetheless, Xbox boss Phil Spencer is excited about the game, as per his tweet below.

Presumably, Deathloop will be making its way to Xbox Series X|S in September 2022, then, and if you're interested in learning more about the game, you can check out our preview over on sister site PlayStation Trophies here.

  • Looks like woke shit anyway.
  • @Mshat Woke shit? Why? Because the protagonist is black? People like you are a burden on society lol
  • Anyone notice you killing tons of woman in this game? Music sounds good, gameplay looks good, the idea is basically Edge of Tomorrow. I expect an achievement for not dying once.
  • Timed exclusivity continues to suck.


    Black People: *Exist*

    Mshat11: "Fuckin' woke nonsense" *likes own comment*
  • @Mshat18 who dresses you in the morning, man? You people bark like a train circus seal. Do you even know why you're made half the time?
  • Yeah Microsoft already said this months back because of the Zenimax purchase all games that were originally exclusive became timed exclusives
  • Nice.
  • time...keeps flowing like a river...
  • I never saw Mshat18 saying anything about black people? Did I miss something because I don't think the fact the protagonist is black will make anything woke just on that fact.
  • It seems like a deliberately misleading statement by PlayStation to say 'until at least' because no one with any knowledge of the situation would for one instant believe that Microsoft would extend the timed exclusivity. The game will be coming to GamePass Day One, that day most likely being the day after the exclusivity expires...
  • @Blackpanther - Well woke seems too be a catch-all perjorative for anything even remotely progressive

    Difficult to see where else the sentiment would have come from, but who knows. It was an asinine comment whatever the case.
  • @I.maciver Who cares it's a game, they want equality they can die just as much as men in the gaming world. Jokes aside this game does look like fun, can't wait to play it on game pass.
  • Back in my days, we had black protagonists in our Grand Theft Auto, Mafia and Walking Dead games
  • Guess I'll carry on playing GP games til it's released on Xbox. Lots to play in the interim.
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