This Week on the Microsoft Store - Crash Drive 3, Imagine Earth, Mythic Ocean

This Week on the Microsoft Store - Crash Drive 3, Imagine Earth, Mythic Ocean

Richard Walker

There's a modest selection of new indie games to take for a spin on the Microsoft Store this week, covering numerous bases, from the colourful, stunt-basedplayground of Crash Drive 3 (with cross-play support), to the environmentally conscious space-faring strategy sim, Imagine Earth.

You can also pick up The Crew 2 Special Edition at a criminally low price this week, and Watch Dogs: Legion's new Bloodline expansion featuring Aiden Pearce and Wrench, is also available now. You'll find some new stuff for MMO shooter Warframe this week, too, as well as a smattering of other DLC.

Free-roaming narrative-based exploration also awaits in Mythic Ocean, if that sounds like your bag, and, of course, there's more where that came from. All in all, it's not the busiest of weeks on the Microsoft Store, but maybe you'll find something that tickles your fancy. You can have a bit of a browse below.

Microsoft Store Update: Week Commencing 5-Jul-21 - 9-Jul-21

Game Add-Ons - Week Commencing 5-Jul-21

  • Watch Dogs: Legion Bloodline - $14.99/£11.99
  • Warframe: Sisters of Parvos Waverider Pack - $9.99/£8.39
  • Warframe: Sisters of Parvos Riptide Pack - $39.99/£33.49
  • Train Sim World 2: Cane Creek - $29.99/£24.99
  • RIDE 4 Street Kings - $4.99/£3.99
  • Resident Evil Village Survival Resources Pack - $0.99/£0.79
  • Resident Evil Village Mr. Raccoon Weapon Charm - $0.99/£0.79
  • Rock Band 4 A Skylit Drive “Too Little Too Late” - $1.99/£1.69
  • Rock Band 4 Cake “Comfort Eagle” - $1.99/£1.69
  • FUSER Skrewbert “The Game Got You” - FREE
  • FUSER ATB, Topic, A7S “Your Love (9PM)” - $1.99/£1.69
  • Fortnite Magma Masters Pack - $14.99/£10.99


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