Dead Space Remake Officially Revealed For Xbox Series X|S

Dead Space Remake Officially Revealed For Xbox Series X|S

Richard Walker

Having done the rounds in the rumour mill, EA has officially announced the Dead Space remake, with Star Wars: Squadrons developer Motive working on a new and enhanced version of tortured protagonist Isaac Clarke's original sci-fi horror outing, first released for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC back in 2008.

Very little is known about the remake of Dead Space beyond the short teaser presented at the end of today's EA Play Live 2021 event, but it looks to be a pretty faithful take on the original, with Isaac decked out in his instantly recognisable rust-coloured engineer's outfit, with its glowing vitality bar running down the spine.

Upon your return to the USG Ishimura planet cracker vessel overrun by deadly necromorph creatures, you'll have to keep your limb-severing aim sharp once more for when Dead Space drops on Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5, and PC. A release date and further details have yet to be announced.

  • Please dont mess this up!!
  • About time!
  • Not hopeful. Squadrons was terrible.
  • First good reason to buy the series x
  • Teaser is at 1:27:35 in the video.
    Please don't mess this up, EA.
  • Would rather Visceral Games still existed and the original creator was leading the Dead Space projects! What they did to that studio and the original intent of the sequels especially Dead Space 3 was atrocious. Also let us never speak of Dead Space 2 with that MP.....
  • Not to sound pessimistic, but even if Visceral was still around, there’s no reason to believe that they’d do a good job either. It’s been too long, and even if the studio still existed, some or most of the people working there would have likely moved on. It wouldn’t be the same people.

    Likewise, do you think if DICE developed Bad Company 3 after this long it would be good?
    Definitely agree with that. At least they were smart and made sure DS2 had no MP achievements to bother with. Think I played all of one match.
    DS3 had the ills of corporate publisher meddling all over it unfortunately.
  • Yeah I’m quite worried about this “remake” as well. It’s one thing to slap the skin of dead space onto a “upgraded versions” but it’s the FEEL of the game that truly matters. True fans will understand this.

    I have the same uncertainty about SKATE 4, cause they also have a totally different team from over 10 years ago. So it will be amazing if they can both pull off what people grown to know and love.

    Sadly, they probably just look at it as oh we can introduce it to new gamers who may have never played it before cause they were too young. So who cares if it “feels” like the original.

    …only time will tell
  • Seeing what Capcom pulled off with the Resi 2 and 3 remakes has me optimistic about this being a fully fledged remake from EA.

    We'll see what materialises.
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