Football Manager is Beginning a Multi-Year Project to Add Womens Football to the Game

Football Manager is Beginning a Multi-Year Project to Add Women's Football to the Game

Matt Lorrigan

Football Manager developer Sports Interactive has announced that it will be bringing women's football into the series in the near future.

Rather than being a separate title, women's football will be incorporated into the word of Football Manager, allowing players to seamlessly move from managing a men's team to a women's team. The studio hasn't set a definitive date for when the project will be completed, and it can't commit to which future version of Football Manager will see women's football introduced, but the process is currently in full swing.

Sports Interactive boss Miles Jacobson has been surprisingly upfront about the challenges faced by the team by bringing women's football to Football Manager in a blog post. Jacobson talks about the changes that will have to be made to attributes, 3D models, animations, the transfer system, scripts, and more to make this work. Sports Interactive has also hired Tina Keech, former head of research and analysis at Smartodds, as the new head of research for women's football.

I highly recommend reading the full blog post, as it offers a fascinating insight into the process involved in making this work, but it's great to see women's football finally coming to the Football Manager series, whenever that may be. 

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