Forza Horizon 5s Mexico Map Will Be About One and a Half Times the Size of Forza Horizon 4s

Forza Horizon 5's Mexico Map Will Be About One and a Half Times the Size of Forza Horizon 4's

Richard Walker

Playground Games has served up some details on the variety of biomes you'll be able to visit in Forza Horizon 5, which is set to be the “most diverse locale yet”. Across the game's open-world Mexico, you'll take in environments like rocky canyons, the palm tree lined coasts, rolling farmland, dry grasses of the arid hills, lush vegetation of the jungle, and more on a map that's roughly one and a half times larger than Forza Horizon 4's section of Great Britain.

“We knew from the beginning that we wanted this to be the biggest Forza Horizon yet. However, if we wanted to be the biggest, then we felt we also needed to offer the most diversity and contrast as well,” says Creative Director Mike Brown on the Xbox Wire. “Mexico is almost like the whole world in one country: snowy peaks, tropical jungles, epic canyons, beautiful beaches, ancient architecture, and modern cities. When you add on Mexico’s incredible culture – the music, the art, the history, the people – there is no more exciting location for the Horizon Festival.”

Eleven distinct biomes will make up Forza Horizon 5's rendition of Mexico, each of which were created using stacks of painstakingly compiled research. “Our team collects reference from the location and creates concept images that highlight the beauty and unique detail for each biome,” explains Art Director Don Arceta. "We employ techniques such as photogrammetry to recreate the environment with precision accuracy. And we bring the beauty of the world in, through the sights and sounds you’ll find throughout every area. The goal of the artistic process is to make it feel like you’re really there.”

Forza Horizon 5 will be coming to Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC on 9th November, while Seasons also set to return with a greater level of complexity and diversity than previous Forza Horizon titles. That means a range of varied weather and conditions throughout Mexico's eleven biomes, like springtime rainy season in the jungles and farmlands, or tropical thunderstorms along the coastlines. You can find out more on the Xbox Wire here, and check out the latest gameplay in the stream below.

  • I knew that. Why can't I remember it!? Lets try association, say each person only uses 10% of their brain. How much do you use?
  • still too small...but the diversity is welcome. FH4 puts me to sleep with its endless farms and pastoral land. so boring. driving a Lambo through the countryside while hearing 'moos and bahs' makes me nod off and drive into trees.
    i had the same issue with FH2. now, FH3 hit the sweet spot with plenty of variety. hopefully, 5 can build on that.
  • considering my name, i suppose the above comment is ironic. nevertheless! ;)
  • It's friggin Tommy boy guys. Let's sharpen up fur God saks.
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