The PUBG Battlegrounds Super Spicy Noodle Challenge - Video sponsored

The PUBG: Battlegrounds Super Spicy Noodle Challenge - Video #sponsored

Richard Walker

With the recent release of the Korean 8x8 Taego map, we've been getting back into PUBG: Battlegrounds (that's PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds: Battlegrounds, obviously), attempting to become the last standing in a fight to the death. Nothing could prepare us for the challenge we took on, involving a spicy forfeit for the loser.

The rules of our PUBG Super Hot Noodle Challenge are simple. Across five matches of trios in the battle royale game on the new Taego map, the player with the most kills by the end emerges victorious. Downing an enemy doesn't count - only a proper kill will score a point, and whoever of the three of us idiots has the least kills is screwed.

Myself (Rich), Matt, and boss man Dan all jumped online, dropped into Taego, and let battle commence, putting our neck on the line to face a packet of stupidly red hot and spicy noodles for whoever loses. Without further ado, then, you can see what events occurred and who ended up suffering the wrath of the spicy ramen noodles, below.

The PUBG: Battlegrounds 8x8 Taego map is available now, and is due to be updated with secret rooms for Season 13 on 12th August.


  • That grenade fail/Molotov return is some classic PUBG right there, lol.
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