XBA Review: Art of Rally

XBA Review: Art of Rally

Richard Walker

When you think of rally racing games, you probably think of Codemasters' classic Colin McRae series and the ensuing DIRT titles that spun off from it. Or perhaps your mind drifts to the licensed WRC franchise, or maybe even SEGA Rally. Either way, rally is usually the realm of the sim, committed to the chase cam or interior, painstakingly rendered in realistic detail.

Art of Rally is not even a bit like any of these games, carving out its own unique path through the mud and gravel, in its own tribute to a golden era of rally. Its camera frames an isometric view from on high, keeping pace with your car as you slide around corners and tear up swirling clouds of dust. It's different, for sure, but is it any less of a game than its more sim-like genre stablemates? Does Art of Rally have a multitude of its own muddy merits?

Read our definitive Art of Rally review to find out.

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