Win an Xbox Series S in our PUBG Coolest Kill Competition

Win an Xbox Series S in our PUBG Coolest Kill Competition

Dan Webb

Happy Friday, folks! To mark the launch of update 13.1, which dropped on consoles yesterday, we’ve teamed up with the fine folks at PUBG: Battlegrounds to giveaway an Xbox Series S to one of you fine folks out there who gets the coolest kill on the new TAEGO map.

The name of the game is simple: play the new PUBG TAEGO map, and if you get the coolest kill, use the share button on your Xbox or PlayStation controller to share to Twitter (this way we can see you shared it from your console and we can also see your tag to verify it) with the hashtag #PUBGCoolestKill. Then, in a few weeks, namely September 3rd at 23:59 BST, we’ll go through all the entries, put our favourites in a video, and choose the coolest one and send them an Xbox Series S console. It’s as easy as that.

So, if you’re after a next-gen console, want another console for the spare room – or one for your cousin – or if you’re a PlayStation guy and want a Game Pass machine (as we’ve dubbed the Series S), then this is the perfect chance to do so! And remember, if you’re on Xbox and have Game Pass, PUBG is currently on the service, so it doesn’t cost you anything more to get involved! 

To get you in the mood, don’t forget to check out our PUBG Now & Then feature, comparing PUBG at launch to now, and also our super spicy noodle challenge, in which one of us had to smash back some incredibly spicy noodles if one of us lost (seriously, you neeeeeeed to check that one out!). 

And on that note, have a great weekend, folks, and good luck! We look forward to seeing your coolest kills!

  • I'll ask the question I'm sure everyone is wondering: do team kills count?

    If so, I know one or two people that are a shoe-in for the prize.
  • By the time Ruffus points out my location to you with his voice, finger, a hand-drawn diagram, UAV and thermal satellite imaging, I'll have already killed you with a thrown frying pan and looted you for energy drinks and painkillers.
  • I’m ready. Got all the flash bangs ready.
  • Wait are there still people on this site that actually get in regular matches? My duo partner had life kinda explode so we get like one night a month to actually game PUBG...
  • @CHELshock are you saying you can't find matches or you're looking for people to play with? Either way, Dirty, Ruffus, and I all play together (as well as a couple others on this site) and we've never had any issues finding a match. If you want to party up ever, let one of us know.
  • @CHELshock Here's a link to our next PUBG event if you'd like to join?
  • I've never played teams, so I should maybe play with you guys. I haven't even played that much, I maybe give it a try once a month. Best game I got 3rd place.
  • @HDresden Feel free to join the session in that link :)
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