Outriders Yet to Make a Profit, According to Developer

Outriders Yet to Make a Profit, According to Developer

Matt Lorrigan

Polish developer People Can Fly has suggested that its most recent release, Outriders, didn't make a profit in its opening quarter.

The developer published a note to investors and a financial filing, stating that it had not received any royalties for Outriders from publisher Square Enix. The royalties would have been due to come in yesterday, on 16th August 2021. However, royalties would only be due if the game had begun to be profitable, but the lack of payment suggests that Square Enix has yet to cover the costs of creating and marketing the game.

“We don't have any sales figures for Outriders - we estimate it at between 2 and 3 million units and assumed that this was a result that would ensure profitability for this project in the first quarter of sales,” explains People Can Fly president Sebastian Wojciechowski. “The lack of payment by the publisher probably means that, according to Square Enix, this is not the case.”

It's unclear how many units the game would have needed to sell to turn a profit, or why Square Enix hasn't communicated sales figures to People Can Fly. The game arrive as a free title on Xbox Game Pass at launch, which could contribute to lower sales, but Square Enix would have received a sum of money from Microsoft for launching on Game Pass, so it's unclear how much of an effect that had. Square Enix previously announced the game had reached over 3.5 million players within its first month.

Outriders did launch in a troubled state, with some issues still ongoing in the game. You can read our review of Outriders here.

[via gamesindustry.biz]

  • Placed a blank comment, can it be deleted? Meant to say on this that while the gameplay itself wasn't too bad, the UI, generic enemy designs and the constant crashes and being booted out of the game really have harmed my enjoyment more than anything else.
  • Loved this game. Played a metric ton of hours. Great 1st game in what I hope to be a series.

    I think the strength of the game is the customization that actually works really well. There's not that one strategy that you have to use. I like trying out different strategies and then looking at the numbers afterwards to see how effective they really were. The powers are fun and varied and I like the usefulness of the legendaries. Super fun with friends.
    I think I've beaten almost every Expedition at Gold except the final one. Silvered that one.
  • If Avengers and Outriders are not making a profit then why does SQEX keep making these type of games? Next is their Guardians of the Galaxy...
  • @BAE Because if they keep trying, eventually one pos will stick.
  • @BAE, That's the problem with out of touch publishers who only have that tunnel vision to want to make endless supplies of money at the severe cost of quality.

    They churn out a "cut/paste" piece of shit that plays and acts like every other microtransaction filled, and/or grind-infested, season pass subscribing multiplayer game out there that is meant to be played in perpetuity. They think this is what all gamers want. They also don't help their cause when they release the game half-baked, full of bugs/glitches, and with little depth or content.

    This style of game design is so overly saturated in the gaming market, it can't possibly ever have long term sustainability, and we're starting to see tiny little snippets of that now, finally. But these publishers would tell you otherwise.
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