XBA Review: Aliens: Fireteam Elite

XBA Review: Aliens: Fireteam Elite

Richard Walker

Picture a caravan in Wales. A dark, rainy night. An eight-year-old kid watching Aliens on TV with my dad. While I never should have seen that movie at that young an age, it did give me a fascination with the bizarre design of H.R. Giger and director James Cameron's 1986 action-packed sequel to 1979's claustrophobic original, directed by Ridley Scott.

With almost every Aliens movie since, the Aliens franchise has had a chequered history, and the same rings true when it comes to Aliens video games. For every Alien: Isolation, there's a stinker like Aliens: Colonial Marines. Under which category does Aliens: Fireteam Elite fall?

Read our definitive Aliens: Fireteam Elite review to find out.

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