PUBG Battlegrounds Update 13.2 Out Now With New Vehicle New Survivor Pass and Taego Map Features

PUBG: Battlegrounds Update 13.2 Out Now With New Vehicle, New Survivor Pass, and Taego Map Features

Richard Walker

PUBG: Battlegrounds has today received Update 13.2 on consoles, heralding the arrival of a new Survivor Pass dubbed ‘Crazy Night’ running for eight weeks, as well as the addition of the P90 SMG to Care Packages, and a range of new features and adjustments for the 8x8 Taego map.

Via the new ‘Crazy Night’ Survivor Pass, you can earn an array of new rewards, including a Contraband Coupon, Nameplate, and Spray, across 50 levels, available until 2nd November. The South Korea-set Taego map, meanwhile, benefits from the new Hyundai pickup truck for four passengers, replacing the UAZ, among other things.

There's the new 'trunk system' feature, enabling you to use the Porter vehicle to store a limited number of items, which you can then take with you, as long as the vehicle isn't destroyed. A new throwable Blue Zone grenade with a 10m radius also deals 10 damage per second, providing the perfect tool to draw entrenched enemies out of buildings.

Taego also gets new ‘Overcast’ and 'Sunset' weather patterns, randomly applied to the map to give it a “unique look and feel”. Finally, a new Casual Mode offers the ability to warm up in a “less tense” environment, with three Casual Mode matches a day available to solo or team players on the Erangel map, with XP rewards, BP rewards, Pass Missions, Event Missions, and more.

Update 13.2 is available for PUBG: Battlegrounds on Xbox, PlayStation, and PC now. You can consult the full patch notes here.

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