Bug Fixing Assassin's Creed 2 Patch Coming Friday

Dan Webb

If you've been one of the unlucky few to experience Assassin's Creed 2 glitches in recent weeks, fear not, all shall be fixed soon. Or so we hope. A post in the Ubisoft forums this morning detailed a patch that is set to fix a few bugs when it drops this coming Friday, December 11th.

The patch is set to fix the following:

Situation specific bugs:

  • Glyph - After the player has resolved a glyph (when the unlock code message appears), if the player presses A and B (for 360, X and O on PS3) repeatedly and quickly, the video will appear in full screen, and he will get stuck in "the truth menu".
  • Fast Travel - Some feedback states that Ezio loses the ability to interact with the fast travel stations.
  • Free roaming/Parkour - In extremely rare occasions a bug allows Ezio to walk on air.
  • Auditore Cape - When first equipping or re-equipping the Auditore cape, users in the Villa become notorious even if the cape description says otherwise.
  • Altaïr’s armour - While wearing Altair's armour the game crashes when performing multiple consecutive double assassinations.
  • Toscana - The game occasionally crashes if the player dies in Toscana, the player is stuck in the animus loading screen.
  • Water - Ezio and NPCs may get stuck beneath map if pushed in water.
  • Animus Loading Screen - There were reports of the game crashing while the player is in the Animus loading screen

Mission specific issues:

  • Sequence 05 Mission 01 - The game froze after completing the mission and following certain steps.
  • Sequence 06 Mission 02 - An extremely rare issue could make the game freeze while Ezio is fighting the guards.
  • Sequence 07 Mission 02 - Sometimes the civilians knocked down by Rosa could “float”.
  • Sequence 07 Mission 07 - When the user is in an open conflict, under specific situations the game crashed. 
  • Sequence 08 “Venezia” - If a player desynchronises during the flying machine sequence, the player sometimes spawned near Leo's workshop and not on the tower.
  • Secret Location: “Vizitatione” - The user remains stuck after locking onto the agile guard with the gun.
  • Sequence 11 Mission 05 - The user cannot continue gameplay after quitting and loading the game. They are stuck in the hideout.
  • Sequence 14 Mission 02 - The user falls through the texture if he is hit with rocks by the guards while climbing

Sound enhancement:

  • 5.1 LPCM support
  • nice...
  • Never experienced any of these but it's good to see their fixing them. Sound pretty annoying to me.
  • Never encountered this but glad they are doing something for those who have.
  • Why is it listed as Mass Effect 2? On topic, these bugs are very welcoming especially some of the walking on air bugs.
  • niiiice...
  • Oh no.. why has this article been attached to Mass Effect 2. This bug needs fixing also :P
  • Never had any of these problems while playing through, but its good to no that they are sorting it out for people who most likely will be playing this come christmas.
  • none of these happend to me but its good that ubi is working hard so we can play what we want
  • Wow, just 1000ed the game. None of these happened to me. Nor with the Borderlands bugs. Or most any game where people complain about how "the game is horribly broken" I guess I'm just lucky.
  • if this is about bug fixin, you should put this in assassin creeds 2 info page rather than mass effect 2s
  • Animus Loading Screen is the only bug I've encountered in the game before getting 1000GS, and it only happened once. =)
  • good thing I didn't encouter any glitches
  • @#4, #6, #10 - All fixed now. Had Mass Effect 2 on the brain =P Apologies.
  • This was still a wonderful game
  • they forgot a glitch. when i first started the game, when you get to the part where you have to get to the top of the church first, the brother would get stuck and the only way to fix it was to die
  • The only glitch i have encountered is one where you can be walking along and ezio suddenly looks down at the ground. I think this has occurred most near stairs.
  • I've been stuck in the Animus loading screen while Fast Traveling but it only happened once and I just rebooted the game. I've also been putting off Sequence 11 since I heard that the auto save in that sequence can cause your game save to corrupt (not that I mind the delay - gives me a chance to find more feathers). Good to see almost every bug I've heard mentioned is getting some attention.
  • Like many people have stated, I never had any of these problems. I did have the game freeze once, but it wasn't during any mission. It's cool that Ubisoft is patching these issues so that they will cease to be issues.
  • I've played it start to finish twice, doing every side quest, etc during the first run; had none of these problems. Bought the US Master Assassin Edition, maybe that made a difference.
  • Personally, mine has frozen 1/3 times on the animus load screen during fast travel. I also glitched while swimming under a bridge in Venice, becoming stuck to the bottom of the bridge until I reset. Glad they seem to be fixing these problems so I can finally finish my game.
  • that really sucks...i'm glad i'm done with the game...can't wait for DLC
  • Got mine done. Didn't have any major problems. Notice how they didn't put out a patch for the first game but then I don't recall many problems? The game breaking one is probably the primary reason for this patch.
  • lol "bug fixing assassins creed 2 patch coming friday". shouldnt it be "patch fixing assassins creed 2 bug coming friday"?
  • have been all done with this and with no problems at all
  • surprised! haven't had a problem yet.
  • @24 try it with a comma "bug fixing, assassins creed 2 patch coming Friday"
  • I have the sequence 11 glitch, stuck in the hideout.
  • one thing this article tells me is that atari sux balls and they r friggin lazy asses
  • good thing i grabbed that 1k GS then! But good job ubi for getting a patch out.
  • I encountered a few of those, nice to see they're getting fixed
  • I wear Altair's armor in the game? Spoiler... I guess I shouldn't be reading the patch for a game I haven't played yet.
  • @#24 & #27 - It works as it is =P It is a bug fixing Assassin's Creed 2 patch =P @#29 - Are you high? @#32 - No... you probably shouldn't =P
  • Never had problems with mine, maybe one or two, at least once...like: AUDITORE CAPE: Notorious in Villa (I was like, "WTF?! There's no guards here!" and: ANIMUS LOADING SCREEN: My Xbox just froze...and i was like, "WTF, no!!! (luckily everything saved before) while using the fast travel station to go to a different part.
  • Ubisoft has a pattern of this kind problem, Far Cry 2 has the same kind of problems. I'm tired of them releasing games that continuously corrupts your saved games and basically wastes your time when you can't finish a game that you already invested 10+ hours on. I loved AC2 and am very lucky to not experience any problems with AC2 but Far Cry 2 I lost 10+ hours of gametime when my save game corrupted after 60% through the game, because of these problems I don't buy Ubisoft games, i'll rent it or buy it used.
  • @#29 - ???
  • i didnt even know that there were any bugs! my game played fine, had no problems whatsoever. thats kinda weird...
  • yeah, where does atari come into this???
  • Thats cool a patch came out so soon but I didnt experience any of this.
  • 1kd this game in three days. awesome game but too short.
  • I haven't had any problems, but it's good that they're fixing these, 'cause they sound awfully troublesome. Almost done with the Achievements also. =3
  • never had that happen to me ever
  • After I saved the chick in the boat chase(using the term chase loosely)/kill archers sequence I had to restart because it wouldn't say that I completed the mission. And that is not being fixed... good thing it was a fairly easy mission, though quite lengthy...
  • I did everything I could in the game and I didn't have any issues...
  • Impressive patch for a game that I experienced exactly zero issues with. (Well, I guess I had the auditore cape in the villa issue, but as there are no "guards" in Monteriggoni, non-issue.)
  • I experienced some of these bugs, like the stuck in air glitch which made me restart. I also got stuck in the Animus once and had an incorrectly labeled notoriety. They were so bad, but the odd glitch I found aside from these was near {spoiler alert} the monastery where you kill the monk. While riding a horse near the eagle drop, my horse ran into a fence and then disappeared entirely and throwing me to the ground on the other side of the fence. The horse never came back after bucking my, just vanished. Not terribly annoying, but strange.
  • Maybe its because i use my pc to game as much as my xbox, but i'd like to see more of these patch notes, its pretty common for pc patches to come with a list of what they patched, but apparently on consoles they just patch it and act like nothing happened most the time
  • how about the fact that i cant get any achievements for the game. iv watched the guy b born about 10 times...and NOTHING.
  • Never seen any of these. The only bug I witnessed is a civilian stabbing in his head with a sword. It was one of the unfaithful husbands you have to punch around. He got the "brilliant idea" of taking a sword from the ground... when I beat him down and he surrendered, while he was praying for mercy the sword passed in and out of his head. I hope Ubisoft will think about a way to replay memories in this patch, or start working on the next one with this option.
  • I wish they would add some menu that you will be available to repeat the missions in
  • I crashed pretty often on loading screens. Nice to see they're fixing it, but I'm already long done with the game.
  • Only had the game crash once while waiting for the loading to be done. It happened immediately after I pressed the X button. Nice to know they are on top of things.
  • Didnt see any of these issues - nice that they are bothering to fix them though. Nice work Ubisoft
  • I know how you feel #9 I managed to play the hell out of Fable 2 without experiencing errors... meanwhile two of my friends had their wives trapped inside of walls LOL
  • um i beat the entire game an never experienced any of these issues, lolz i have a hard time believing that anyone who did have issues probably didnt install it to the HDD or was the PS3 version which only half-asses the install.
  • I guess I've been lucky, never had a problem while playing the game. Nice to see they're fixing their mistakes. Can't wait for the DLC >_
  • @ #29 You complain about Atari being lazy, yet you type 'r' to mean 'are'? Congratulations, you saved yourself two exhausting keystrokes. Moreover, besides selling the Driver franchise to Ubisoft, Atari has nothing to do with them. Two fails in one post. Good job. @ #48 You do realize you have to interact with the baby and make his various body parts move, right? You don't just watch it happen.
  • Haven't had any problems. But it's always great to some developers patch their games, instead of just letting us players rot in shitty bugging games.
  • Lol the only time the game froze on me isn't listed here (I think). The result of the game spawning dozens of archers on a roof, probably about 100 total which I'm glad they haven't fixed cos it was hilarious. Went about double-assassinating a bunch of them whilst some fell off the roof, bows flying out of the crowd and the constant sound and visuals of a guard spotting you. + None of them fought back :)
  • Nice they offer a patch. I'm about 3/4 done and the game hasn't ever frozen on me - but I did fall through a window / wall one time and I was stuck inside a room with no way out. Really weird. I haven't noticed any other glitches either.
  • Nice to know they're patching up the problems. The one with the Flying Machine actually happened to me. :)
  • ...Can they fix the glitch where the game isn't actually a disappointment? :-p
  • I got stuck under the streets of Venice one time. I think that's the water glitch they were talking about. It's odd because the street becomes transparent and everyone is just walking on top of you.
  • I've had the dying in Tuscany one happen, that's it. At least they're recognizing reported flaws and fixing them. I'll gladly come back to this game once the DLC is released :-D Can't wait!
  • Got 1000 on this game and never saw a single one of those glitches.
  • I had the Auditore Cape thing, but it fixed itself after leaving the map and coming back. Besides, there are no guards in Monteriggioni anyway, so what's it matter if you're Notorious? I suppose it sucks if you're not B.I.G., though.
  • anyone who read my comment and was confused (#33 #36 and #57) i was talking about the fact that ghost busters has been out for way longer than assassin's creed 2 and they had even worse glitches and problems and such and they still haven't patched that is why ubisoft is awesome and atari sucks.
  • I had the extremely rare walking on air bug.... (H)
  • I had no problems until after the update. Somehow I got stuck in a wall and the game froze. Rebooted and save game was "damaged" Arg! I was 700/1000 and pretty much done. I would have had a back up but the last update from M$ disabled my "MAX Memory" card. Oh, well. Gotta start over. At least it is a fun game.
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