Xbox Achievements Automated Achievement Tracking is Now Live

Xbox Achievements’ Automated Achievement Tracking is Now Live!

Dan Webb

Folks, it is our absolute pleasure to finally rollout our automated achievement tracking and stat-tracking solution on Xbox Achievements just in time for the weekend. Firstly, before I run you through it, I want to thank you for your patience – it admittedly took a lot longer than anticipated due to unforeseen issues… I’ll tell you all about it one day when the wounds have healed, ha!

Anyway, without further ado, let me run you through how you get in and what you’ll be able to see when you do.

First things first, obviously you need an XBA account, when you do head to your profile page (top right, or this link) and enter in your Xbox Gamertag and then, in a few hours (could be days on the first pull, depends on sign-ups, to be honest) you’ll have access to our automated Xbox achievement tracker.


So, what does that mean exactly? Well, once your stats are populated you’ll be able to check out a ton of Xbox-related stats from your Xbox “career”, from the standard stuff like recently unlocked achievements and achievement progress in a game, to more in-depth stuff like most popular franchises, favourite publishers, developers, your completed lists, your favourite genres (both in terms of actual Gamerscore and completion percentage) and so much more. It gives you a great insight into your entire Xbox habits… like the fact I’ve clearly played a lot of Mass Effect and Halo! 

Just a quick note before I move on though: because it took Microsoft a generation to fix offline achievements and time stamps for said achievements (offline achievements in the 360 era were set to some ridiculous date like the year 1854, which is not helpful at all), we decided to set them to November 21st 2013, the day before the Xbox One launched. If you play 360 games now though (after you’re in our database and being scanned) we can tag them with a day and date as your profile is updated regularly.


Main page aside, there’s a lot more to this automatic Xbox achievement tracking solution. From the main profile you can go to your “Played Games” list. Using my profile as an example, you can see my recent progress in chronological order, see what I’ve played and see the completion percentage of said games. From there you can go into specific pages to see what you’ve unlocked and have yet to unlock in every game you’ve played – the sliders at the top of the achievement lists work as well, so if you use “Hide completed” and “Hide secret” the tech will do just that – and yes, this works for guides as well, so you can literally have a guide open for a game and have it hide every achievement you get as you complete them. Less searching through information not relevant to you is a win! And a further hint at some of the stuff we’re refining, on the individual achievement page you can see the last five people to unlock that achievement, but not only that, the first 5 too! And we're hoping to have individual achievement progress ready in the coming weeks too - we've built it into the code, we've just not had chance to test and deploy yet, so look forward to that!


And finally, for the interim anyway, we have the achievement log, which shows you your recent achievement unlocks! I say finally, but of course, each game has a leaderboard too, to see where you rank against other players – 1 will obviously be the first one to finish the game, and so on. We will have a lot more leaderboard stuff in the coming weeks and months too, so definitely look forward to that as well!

As we’ve said for a while now, this is just the beginning - the foundation - and now both sites have the framework in place, we’ll be a lot more efficient with the updates across the board - we're actually planning on doing “patch notes” news posts regularly to show you all the cool new stuff we add/fix/change as we go along, to be more transparent with what we're actually doing. And as we’ve always said, if you’ve got any ideas for stuff you want to see, let us know (emails below - or hit me up on Twitter). If it fits and we can make it work, we’re definitely up for exploring the idea!

Before we go and get back to the grindstone, a few pieces of housekeeping. Firstly, this new Xbox stat tracking solution is free, and for all members it will be updated once every 24-hours – things like rarity, rare lists (which is coming soon), completion percentages, etc. will be constantly updated on the fly too. That said, if you’re looking to get a quicker update, you can become a subscriber on the site and all subscribers will get their profile updated hourly – plus, if you do, your entire experience on the site will be ad free as well. If you want to be a subscriber, simply head here. We will definitely be rolling out a ton more subscriber benefits in the coming weeks and months as well.

Secondly, it’s worth noting that based on feedback this will not replace the manual checklists as was originally the plan. You can actually now use both systems simultaneously, but only the automated ones will work for the actual leaderboards, you know, for balance and fairness. The settings for that are in the settings part of your profile).


And finally: make sure your Xbox privacy settings are set to open, otherwise we – and the rest of the world – will have no idea what’s happening on your profile. Head to or your console to make sure they’re open – from an achievement perspective, of course.

Just as a quick FYI before I go too, but we're also going to be doing a lot of spring cleaning over the coming days/weeks, on things like the developer/publisher lists (as they finally truly matter and there are some different variations on the same publishers, i.e. Warner, Warner Bros, Warner Bros Int. etc. that need tidying up), as well as fleshing out the franchises, and so on, so if you have an inaccuracy issue, don't worry, we're on the case there.

And that’s it for now, folks! Enjoy! Thanks for your patience on this, it’s been a hell of a task to get up and running, but now we are, the future is certainly looking bright. If you have any feedback or see any bugs, obviously you can comment below, but also email us at [email protected] (for feedback) and [email protected] (for bugs). We’ll be back more regularly with updates now, and until then, have a fantastic weekend.

  • Nice, congrats for the hard work.
  • This is awesome! My friend and I were looking for a PSNProfiles equivalent for the Xbox but never found one.
  • Oh sweet, it's finally launched.
  • Hope y'all enjoy it! The owners and staff have been hard at work to bring it to you!
  • I am unable to access the achievements log. Just opens up a blank screen.
  • It was working a moment ago, but just went down for me, too.
  • Good lord this is cool!!!!
  • Odd. Mine is still working.
  • @Swampy & @hulk - give it a try now, chaps.
  • Worked now
  • Got mine queue'd up. Looking forward to checking the stats.
  • Awesome, thanks for this and congrats!
  • Well done to all involved, fantastic work...
  • Please forgive Webb's use of light mode...
  • @Pants, haha! I actually have one site as light (XBA) and one site as dark (PST), to differentiate the two easily when I zipping around the sites, haha!
  • Mine keeps giving me this message when I try.

    Gamertag information is either being fetched for the first time, or profile is set to private. Please try again later.

    Not sure how to even make my profile private, I went into settings and seen nothing about making it private or not. So I’ll just do what it says and try again later.. hopefully it will work then.
  • …actually my bad I should’ve just read the entire thing before posting my last comment.

    I just need to go on my actual Xbox and make it public.
  • @burnt - Yeah, ha, and once the achievements stuff is made public on the Xbox/, then when it gets back to you in the queue it'll let scan you and show you your stats on your profile (not sure how long that takes specifically though).
  • WHOA. I've been idly checking this site from time to time to see if tracking had become live for so long that now it's actually here I'm not entirely sure it's going to sink in for a while.
  • $5-$25 a month with no listed benefits?? :boggle:
  • excellent work, really appreciated, thats a lot of stats I have not seen before, thanks again
  • Finally lol
  • @whtthfgg: Are you referring to the subscriber prices? He specifically mentions the removal of ads and you get scanned hourly instead of once per day. Otherwise, using the site and getting all the automatic tracking is free.
  • I am referring to that, but what is there for 25 that 5 doesnt cover?
  • I would assume something like that would be fleshed out before posting those prices
  • might want to allow setting of a time zone per gamertag, in order for streaks to be more accurate.
  • I'm getting a blank page, also some of the links in the post are broken, they're missing the second X (xboachievements).
  • Looks good. However, how do we change the settings for the Streak calculation? My current streak started on 01 January of this year, but you have something different.
  • Welcome to 2008!
  • There's always one..
  • Looks good so far and tracked everything quite nicely so far. I was hoping that this would become a thing when I signed up for the site nearly 12 years ago. Keep it up guys!

    My only complaint (unrelated to this new feature) is that the Light version of the site is painfully bright and the dark is too dark, both are difficult to use and a tad frustrating. I preferred the old design much better.
  • "Secondly, it’s worth noting that based on feedback this will not replace the manual checklists as was originally the plan."

    I was about to ask that again, thank god for you guys being resonable. Looking forward to trying the system out!
  • Can not wait until my gamertag is finally tracked! The changes look amazing, what would have been a nice addition is if you made it to where the Wishlist was in alphabetical order unless there is a way to change that which I'm just not seeing? Either way, the new look is awesome!
  • Dan & Co.,

    Well done, mates. Brilliant.

    I'm American, BTW. Wanted to make you feel at home with the compliment.

  • "Just a quick note before I move on though: because it took Microsoft a generation to fix offline achievements and time stamps for said achievements (offline achievements in the 360 era were set to some ridiculous date like the year 1854, which is not helpful at all), we decided to set them to November 21st 2013, the day before the Xbox One launched."

    I dunno - If those timestamps were impossible to track and never even had a possibility of being accurate in the first place, I think it would've be funnier if you'd kept it as something absurd. :P

    Congrats on finally being able to add automated tracking to the site! I'm looking forward to using it in the future. :D
  • Very cool
  • Cowabunga, dude!
  • I'm not one to post but I use your site everyday to track achievements and guides so all I can say is THANK YOU!!!!
  • Just awesome job.
    You rock !!!

    Thanks a lot
  • Been great reading all the positive comments. Thanks, everyone!
  • @whtthfgg
    "$5-$25 a month with no listed benefits??"

    From the Subscriber FAQ (posted in 2014):

    "Q: How much does it cost to subscribe?

    A: There are 5 options to choose from when subscribing. There are currently no benefit changes for different levels other than personal sense of contribution and a different colored badge."
  • There might be a few bugs in the system as its missing some games on my profile, for example it says i've only played 9 F1 games whereas i've played every F1 game from Codies on the box which totals 12, and says i have a completion rate of over 100% on the Forza series and a couple other series of games lol.

    Overall though its pretty good.
  • Yeah if it's checking once a day it's not seeing stuff I've done two days ago yet, for some reason, even some things as far back as a week have yet to be acknowledged
  • I’m stuck on Sep 17 and have been since it started…. Hope it moves in few days…
  • Seems like the Played Games page suffers from the same bug that Xbox itself does, where certain games will say they have 0 achievements unlocked / 0G, when that's not actually the case if you actually look at the unlocked achievements for that game.

    It's the very same games showing this problem here, so I'm presuming it's a Microsoft data/API issue, rather than an XBA code bug.
  • This is fantastic, I've been checking this site daily since around 2009 and this is amazing. Thanks guys!
  • I really appreciate your hard work. I love your website and while also browsing other gaming news outlets, yours is still my top choice!

    I'm loving that new feature right here!
  • Some of the games that I unlocked all the achievements are not updated...
  • Still stuck on 9/17… Xbox site seems to be updating fine though, so maybe this daily refresh is actually monthly…?
  • @blue - Yeah, we're on that now. We just haven't tagged all the F1 games on our end as "F1" it seems, that update should be rolling out very soon (literally just finished tagging another few hundred games and franchises in a spreadsheet, ha).

    @Viny & Blarg - Spoke to RX, that should be sorted now. Any issues, let me know.

    @dab - Ahhh, yeah, that's on MS's end, we'll definitely looking into making some custom calculations on our end to override that.

    @pedrooks - Yeah, we've noticed that the two databases (MS' and ours) aren't fully aligned (typos, different characters, etc., some DLC), so we'll work on that and get everything sorted. It'll correct itself automatically. Just to check, what achievements specifically were you talking about?
  • Congratz to the whole team for finally being able to pull this off! looking forward to use this in the future. Been a member for so many years! looking forward for many more to come.
  • I'm sorry, but, in my Xbox profile, what option do I need to change in my privacy settings for this to work? I can't find which one affects achievements visibility.
  • Really love this update! Might spend too much time looking at my stats then actually playing games now...
  • Im Stuck on 3rd of september 2021 . Im about 3-4 k more now. Any Ideas how to get it checking daily . Profile is public.
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