Randy Pitchford is Stepping Down as President of Gearbox Software

Randy Pitchford is Stepping Down as President of Gearbox Software

Matt Lorrigan

Gearbox co-founder Randy Pitchford is stepping down as president of Gearbox Software, and will be concentrating instead on developing and growing Gearbox Studios.

Pitchford will continue to serve as CEO and president of The Gearbox Entertainment Company, while Steve Jones, a veteran developer at Gearbox, has been named as the new president of Gearbox Software.

“For those that have not has the privilege I have had to work directly with Steve for over 20 years, the simplest thing I could say is that he is better than me,” said Pitchford in an email announcement to staff. “Steve embodies the Gearbox Entertainment Company's mission to entertain the world, and he personifies the Gearbox values of happiness, creativity, and profit.”

Pitchford will continue to be accountable and responsible for “high level creative and business strategy” and will be involved in some way across the business still. But his focus will be Gearbox Studios, which is developing TV and film productions, such as the upcoming Borderlands film and Brothers in Arms TV series.

  • Holy shit FINALLY
  • He crapped out BL3 (among other turds) and now he's going to bring his shit to TV/Movies? Fantastic!
  • Unfortunately his stain will likely forever be etched into that company.
  • Gearbox Studios? someone's counting his chickens way too early...
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