Battlefield 2042 Gameplay - Is It the Same Chaotic Sandbox You Know and Love?

Battlefield 2042 Gameplay - Is It the Same Chaotic Sandbox You Know and Love?

Richard Walker

As the doors of the Battlefield 2042 beta are thrown open to everyone from tomorrow, we've been busy playing the game and gauging what's possible with DICE's latest large-scale military sandbox. Expect destruction, intense gunplay, and the usual military hardware.

Packing tanks, jeeps, armoured vehicles, planes, helicopters, turrets, explosives, and so on, Battlefield 2042 is shaping up to be every bit the chaotic fracas you'd normally associate with the series. But with the single-player campaign being stripped out of this one, is there enough in store to tempt you?

You can see for yourself in our Battlefield 2042 gameplay below, then, from tomorrow (8th October) at 12am PT/3am ET/8am BST/9am CEST, you'll be able to play the open beta for yourself. Battlefield 2042 launches for Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and PC on 19th November.

  • Honestly think Conquest on Orbital is one of the worst BF experiences ever. Really not liking the beta. Everywhere is just too unnecessarily open and gunplay feels off
  • It’s exactly what I thought it would be.

    A cookie cutter of the previous battlefield game. Literally the only difference is the amount of people and the sad thing is it’s not even “real people” that fills in the spots.

    I’ve been in a couple games where half the team on each side is nothing but Ai. Pretty weak if you ask me.

    Hard pass especially since their is no single player at all. Such a joke.
  • I really didn't click with this beta AT ALL. I really hate the new hud and look of it. I found the small markers indicating the zones and very few audio cues to be pretty shitty, especially after Battlefield 1 with clear markers and the audio. I think the weapon attachment swapping on the fly is a neat idea, I just hated how it's mapped to the LB button, I hit that so many times by mistake. Using gear like the grapple or grenade felt very clumsy on the d pad, to the point where it almost felt useless with risking it.

    Then there is the awful performance on the beta, which can somewhat be expected, but I had crazy aliasing, visual glitches like flickering, broken lighting effects, my weapons changing on me, nauseating camera shaking in vehicles. It does not feel like this game is ready for next month.
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