Marvel's Avengers Breaks Promise to Only Sell Cosmetics as XP Boosters are Added to the Marketplace

Marvel's Avengers Breaks Promise to Only Sell Cosmetics as XP Boosters are Added to the Marketplace

Matt Lorrigan

Marvel's Avengers players have hit back against Square Enix for selling non-cosmetic items in the game' marketplace, breaking pre-release promises to only sell cosmetics.

Following a recent update to the game, XP boosters are now available to purchase via credits, which can be purchased using real world money. This means that players can pay to advance faster in the game, and the fan base isn't happy. The move seems particularly cynical when you remember that developer Crystal Dynamics made changes to Marvel's Avengers' XP system earlier this year, making levelling up slower for players at higher levels. 

As reported by Eurogamer, players on the PlayAvengers subreddit are not at all happy with the inclusion of gameplay altering consumables in the Marvel's Avengers marketplace, and the move is seen as a breach of trust from Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics. As of yet, neither developer or publisher has publicly addressed the backlash.

[via Eurogamer]

  • Meh not that big of a upset in my opinion but when they start selling gear then it's a problem
  • I think the problem, Scardo is that the Developers patched the game to make progression slower, and now offering the opportunity for players to pay in order to speed it up again. It's pretty cynical really...
  • They’ve been available for quite some time, isn’t anything new to the game.
  • You've gotta wonder what kind of fucktard is in charge over there. Whoever it is has consistently made bad choice after bad choice, resulting in the most anti-consumer, money grabbing piece of crap that would even make EA blush.
  • This game lost me before it even came out with the Spider-Man exclusivity nonsense and I am so glad I never picked it up
  • Patch the game to make progression slower, then sell XP boosts? Fuck off. Fuck right off.
  • That made it faster for the early levels and slower for the late level also that patch was how many months back I wanna say March so it's not like the XP thing is a new thing
  • @DJent777, your not missing out. I'm only playing it because its free on gamepass and I'm still questioning whether its worth it. It's such a slog to even push through the game.
  • Admittedly I haven't played this yet, but I'm puzzled by why there even is leveling and XP in this type of game. Wouldn't it be enough to just give better gear on playing higher difficulties. I miss the old days of just pick up and play instead of GRINDING. Not every game has to be a damn RPG.
  • Another reason to never play this mess
  • Muhahaha these game companies have been taught well by politicians then I see
  • So glad I did not waste money on this crap game. This why you never believe anyone in the game industry they are are liars.
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