Dragon Age 4 is Reportedly Coming to Xbox Series XS But Not Xbox One

Dragon Age 4 is Reportedly Coming to Xbox Series X|S, But Not Xbox One

Matt Lorrigan

Dragon Age 4 will be a next-gen exclusive, launching on Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5, and PC only,  according to a report from GamesBeat.

The news originally came from the LinkedIn profile of a former BioWare developer, which listed only next-gen consoles and PC as the game's target platforms. GamesBeat has since separately confirmed with sources that EA is not planning to launch Dragon Age 4 on Xbox One or PS4.

GamesBeat reports that making cross-generational games has caused some development problems for EA, specifically in the case of Battlefield 2042. While Battlefield will still sell to a large audience on Xbox One and PS4, GamesBeat speculates that by the time Dragon Age 4 is ready to release, the Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5 will have a large enough audience to justify the lack of a cross-gen release.

Dragon Age 4 was first revealed back in 2018 with a teaser trailer, but development of the RPG appears to have been troubled since then. Lead Producer Fernando Melo left the project in 2019, and we've had little in the way of official information on the game since then, outside of some concept, confirmation of the game's setting of Tevinter, and another brief teaser trailer

A report from Bloomberg earlier this year suggested that Dragon Age 4 was planned to have a “heavy multiplayer component”, but that the success of titles like Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order (and the failure of Anthem) had convinced EA to let BioWare make the single-player RPG that it wanted to. These changes appear to have been made quite late into development, so its yet to be seen how this will affect the game's planned release date.

  • A blessing from Andraste!
  • Good, no need to focus on a watered down build on 8year old hardware. My guess is it’s the same for PlayStation. Probably ps5 only. Very happy with this decision.
  • Good news, at last
  • Great to hear. So tired of last gen holding these devs back. Let them go forward full force and optimize the games to utilize the full power of these consoles.
  • *current gen
  • Great news!
  • Xbox One users will probably be able to stream it to their console.
  • Then it better not be coming anytime soon. Otherwise, their player base is going to be severely limited since no one can get the "next gen" consoles anytime soon.
  • @fuel Finally, someone with intelligence.
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