Xbox Series X-Style 'Mini Fridge' Available to Pre-Order From Next Week, is Out in December

Xbox Series X-Style 'Mini Fridge' Available to Pre-Order From Next Week, is Out in December

Richard Walker

Beginning life as a meme that went viral, the Xbox Series X Fridge is set to become something you'll soon be able to physically own in real life, albeit as a replica mini fridge, rather than the proper 6ft tall, 400lb one offered as a prize last year. You'll be able to pre-order an Xbox Mini Fridge of your own from next week.

Created in collaboration with Ukonic!, the Xbox Mini Fridge is a replica of the console, with LEDs and surface features designed to look exactly like the box underneath (or in the vicinity of) your television. Open the door, and you can store up to ten cans of “your favourite beverage”, while inside the two door shelves, you can stash a few snacks.

The front of the Xbox Mini Fridge even includes a USB port for charging whatever devices you fancy, and comes packaged with a DC power adapter, so you can take the mini fridge with you, if you're on the go. The Xbox Mini Fridge will be available to pre-order from 19th October, and is set to release globally on December 2021.

In the US and Canada, the Xbox Mini Fridge will be available from Target for $99.99 USD (or equivalent CAD price), while in Europe, you'll be able to grab one from GAME in the UK for £89.99, or in France, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Spain, Netherlands, and Poland from GameStop EU for €99.00, Micromania also for €99.00, or Toynk via Amazon.

[Via Xbox Wire]

  • Until the scalpers get there .0000000006 seconds before you
  • I'd like to get my hands on the actual console before I drop money on a fridge modelled after it.
  • Yep Microsoft and Sony can both go suck a fat one, stop releasing rubbish like this when you can't even get the fkn consoles into players hands.
  • @merc and darth, preach it!

    These consoles really should have been purchasable in-person, at retail stores. I feel like unless an over abundance of consoles get made, the scalpers will just swoop in every small wave of releases.
  • bundle it with a console and i'll buy one.
  • Well this looks…cool ;)
  • It's not Microsofts fault they can't make more consoles. The semiconductor shortage has bottlenecked production.
  • Then they need to stop releasing pittances online that just get bought up by scaplers, and actually set aside a large number to be sent to retailers as physical purchases
  • @Zenka, your statement kind of plays to my earlier posting, which @blarg nails on point. It may not be Microsoft's fault in the sense that they can't make more consoles, but they can control how the console gets sold, preventing scalpers from owning practically most of the stock. But again, if Microsoft wants to do nothing about that, then they need to sell an overabundance because small dribs and drabs will never work.
  • Agree that MS should be getting these consoles to retailers where every man and his dog can pre-order one with no intention to resell it to others for profit.
  • I'm confused by some of the comment.s MS are getting the consoles to retailers who are in turn selling them, largely online and falling victim to the same automated bot issues that MS themselves have been.

    Dealing with scalpers / bots really isn't as simple as some might think, as it's worth remembering these consoles were released in the middle of a pandemic so of course they were going to be mostly online.

    MS and other retailers aren't short responsibility for dealing with the issues presented, but it's worth understanding that they affect just about every online retailer.
  • @Dirty130, No one thinks scalpers wouldn't exist if they sold physically in stores, but selling physically in stores, and maybe even limiting one unit per sale means a single scalper can't run a bot that can scoop up $10,000 worth of units and clean out the stock if they have to walk in and make the purchase themselves. Also, don't run pre-orders, and if you do, limit one per sale.

    @Dervius, Retailers, Microsoft, and customers all share the blame. Even with your point about it being sold during a pandemic... There are systems available that retailers could use to mitigate scalping at the level that it did with online sales, if selling it in-person wasn't an option. Microsoft is to blame for selling in short supply. Yes , yes, the semiconductor shortage... Well sell your console when you've got 50,000 units available, however long that takes, instead of just shotgunning 2,000 units every chance you can get (loosely vague example here). The customers are to blame for buying from scalpers because it enables and fosters the idea that scalping is good practice.

    Ultimately, I'm still using my Xbox One, as in, the first edition (not S or X), so I'm OK with not having a Series X. It's just a head-scratcher when you see companies and retailers bungle a product release. And while they have no obligation to try to prevent scalping, it does create a poor image of you to your customer base when you do nothing about it. At least Valve is taking measures to try to prevent scalping of the Steam Deck.
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