Psychonauts 2 Update Makes it Easier to Find Collectibles and Get That 1000G

Psychonauts 2 Update Makes it Easier to Find Collectibles and Get That 1000G

Matt Lorrigan

Developer Double Fine has dropped a new Quality of Life Patch for Psychonauts 2, making it easier to grab all the achievements, even if you've already finished the game.

One major addition is that of a new Otto-Spot filter for the game's psychic camera. This new filter is only available to players who have completed the game, being purchasable from the Otto-Matic shop. Once purchased, players can pull out the camera anywhere and switch to the filter in order to locate collectibles nearby. These include the many figments in the game, which are needed in order to unlock an achievement, and they can even be spotted through walls and scenery.

Another change sees the locations within each brain level now marked with checkmarks when all items have been collected, within the fast-travel menu, meaning you can narrow your search down by area when mopping up.

As for combat-related achievements, things can be a bit tricky in the post-game, when there are basically no fights to be had. To remedy this, Double Fine has added a new Psychoseismometer in Otto's Lab, which will take players to an arena where you can engage in combat over and over again. The fights will purposefully contain all the enemies associated with unlocking achievements.

It's a great and much-welcome update for any already excellent game - you can check out our Psychonauts 2 review here, and see the new quality of life improvements in action in the video below.

  • Yes! Some of the figments have been quite difficult to find and clean up.
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